Friday, February 09, 2007

Onto the next phase....

Okay.. Lily's got the crawling down and has decided to move on:

Wow, my little peanut is growing up! I went to get her from her crib today and she was on her knees.. I thought.. oh she'll be pulling up soon, but by soon I wasn't thinking an hour later!!!

By the way.. she was fine after she fell. :) Poor thing... and it didn't stop her from trying again, and again, and again!

And now as I sit here waiting for the video above to load so I can add it here I am listening to my frustrated little girl NOT take a nap. I just ran up to make sure she hadn't stood up and couldn't get down (WE HAVE TO LOWER THE CRIB TONIGHT)... well she was getting on her knees then down, but she had dropped her pacifier while working on her kneeling. Poor thing is so tired.. she skipped her last nap too b/c she was 'practicing' and lost her pacifier. I HOPE she takes a nap! She's going to be unbearable if she doesn't. Just when you are getting in a groove they rip the rug out from under you. ha ha nm


  1. Katie5:36 PM

    It is so fun to see them try so hard to do something. You are just sitting there cheering them on in your head. She did such a great job getting that book! I decided after having #1 that mobility wasn't as great as people said it was : ) Of course, #2 crawled and walked sooner than #1. Oh well! Lily is doing so great!! Such an exciting time. Yeah Lily!!! And Jason too-- you'll be there in no time buddy!

  2. Oh geez...the sight of her standing there and jason rolling around into the fire place...I think the real work has just begun!!

  3. Yes, I do believe you are right.. thus starts the "don't do that, don't touch that" stage.

  4. I noticed you had the bottom shelf cleared out...pretty soon it's going to be the middle, then pretty soon the whole thing will be filled with kid stuff. :-) Liam used to stand up in his crib and then scream because he couldn't get down! Lovely.

  5. It's amazing how quickly she is catching on, and Jason will be close behind now. Look out Ms. Phoebe! Babies are on the move!! :) I can't wait to see them!!