Sunday, April 13, 2008

Smoothie Master

Okay... made another great smoothie today that I thought I would share. This was post 3 hour work out and I was REALLY hungry so I'll have to try it again when I'm not famished. I think I would have eaten a cardboard box if that was my only option.

Sweet Mango
Generous handful spinach (you love my measuring technique)
about 1.5 c water
2 T Hemp powder
1 T ground flax seeds
approx 1 tsp coconut oil
2 bananas
about a cup of frozen mango
a dash of salt
3 (or was it 2) figs
1 date




Had a great work out this a.m. 2.5 hour ride (on a spinner) then a 30 min recovery swim. I had Brenden Brazier's energy 'pudding' pre-ride and used his Lemon Lime sports drink. I could have used the entire recipe instead of chinsing out and just using half... about 30 mins left in the ride I needed some more fuel. I love making my own stuff, knowing what's going in my body and the results have been AMAZING! My body is definitely learning to use fat as fuel (the endurance athlete's goal) and I am noticing that my heart rate is staying lower while I work harder... this is a great journey that I am on. I feel like I am getting to the place - both physically and in fitness - that I have always wanted to be, but never quite knew how to get there or just couldn't / didn't... even w/ the marathon training. I feel like I'm finally paying attention to some of the details and am working towards bigger gains than just being able to run further.

Race day will be the true test...

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