Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Slow blogging time of year.

It must be a slow blogging time of year b/c I'm not the only one that is slacking a bit... like how I shared the blame there!? :)

Training is really picking up so I'm busy busy busy.. I now have 2 hour bike rides during the week and will be ramping up to 3 hour bike rides on the weekend by the end of this month. I can't believe that the race is only 3 months away! CRAP! I've also changed to swimming three times a week instead of two and I"ve gotta tell ya I am feeling the fact that I took a month off.

The weather is nice enough to ride outside now (though as is typical in the midwest some days are WAY better than others). I'm going on a 30 mile ride on Thursday after 'work hours' with some friends that are training for the Tahoe century ride. We're doing an old familiar loop that I rode quite a bit last summer so it will be a great way to start off the outdoor season! Hopefully it will be warm enough for arm warmers to do the trick.

Jason and Lily continue to amaze me w/ their skills! We have been going outside a lot and their favorite thing is to play on the left over icebergs and many puddles. Oh well you are only young once right!?

I am adding some more photos to the photo album.. to include two of the new bathroom. I'll add some more of both the bathroom and office once we paint and get the office settled. Don't hold your breath.. it'll be a while.


  1. Wednesday...the bike ride is Wednesday. Tomorrow! ;)

    I have no time for blogging either. Darn training.

    I love how you keep talking about this training plan.... It makes me laugh (because laughing keeps me from totally freaking out). I haven't looked at the training plan in weeks!

  2. RIGHT.. tomorrow. Got it, I knew that.. days always jumbled in my mind. :)

    I'm a slave to the sched... not that I follow it to the letter, but I get frustrated when I don't.. like I still need to do the 40 min run and it's 4pm and raining...

  3. 3 hour bike rides??? Andy never said anything about 3 hour bike rides!!!

  4. Oh, and nice bathroom! Definitely much better than the old one. I bet you guys are happy! ;-)
    Um and yes, I have also been slow about blogging...but I am busy! These kids keep me on my toes all the time.