Sunday, April 27, 2008

I'm trying.

I went over to my friend Rebecca's some time ago and we headed outside to plant some seeds. When we first went outside I started getting really uptight about the mud Jason got in immediately and the fact that the kids (my kids) were making an enormous mess trying to put dirt in pots then dump it out all over the place. Rebecca reminded me that it really wasn't / isn't a big deal if they make a mess. So I relaxed adn let them just play. They had a blast and got super messy. I'm not trying very hard to apply this principal to our overall day time routine. It's surprisingly hard for me to do.

I went and got seeds, seed starter and little containers for myself the other day w/ the intention of having the same kind of fun at our house, but it has taken me well over a week to get my mind around it. Today I decided to go for it. I won't lie.. first I tried just taking the kids outside and secret squirrel doing my planting myself. I then decided that that was dumb and going against what I was trying to do ... so I gave each kid a spoon, a planter and opened the bag for us to share. I got my planting or sowing or whatever you call it done and the kids had a blast. When we put them down for their nap Jason said, "play dirt. play shovel." He was loving it. Here is the aftermath.


Some more photos

Piggies by daddy:

Hangin' w/ mommy (Mommy's shiner is a la Jason):

Night night play w/ our animals:

Training is a major mental block for me right now. I was supposed to do a 3 hour ride this a.m., but it got canceled b/c it's cold and was supposed to rain.. puts me on the trainer tonight for movie night.. BLAH! My head/heart is SO NOT in this right now.

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  1. Cute pics! Glad you were able to have some fun with the planting. They'll probably love it when they start to sprout.