Saturday, April 12, 2008

I'm still here!

Hi, to think that I never thought I wouldn't be able to post as much when the kids were older... I thought life would be more organized, they would nap (which they do, but gosh I have to eat, do laundry, unload the dishwasher and clean while they are doing that.. for a whopping 1.5 hours), and play while I was able to catch up on my blogging... uh, what did I know! ha :)


I'm so happy to have found a glass pitcher to keep my almond milk in. I know this seems like a simple and silly thing, but it makes me OH SO HAPPY! I've been using a plastic container and every time I would pour my home made milk in it I would cringe thinking of the irony of making my own to avoid the additives and the god knows what else in the lining of the cartons only to poor it in this rather old plastic container. Tonight I made a huge batch of almond milk (I'm making hazelnut next time and the kids have been getting some hemp milk too!). It's best fresh and foamy... especially in my coffee, but I wanted to have a jump start on tomorrow.

Here is a pic of my beauty... reminds me of old milk jugs... too bad I couldn't find one of those... oh well.


The weather has been a bit crappy lately... though it's NOTHING compared to what it WAS so I'm not complaining. Today it snowed in the morning during my long run... but it was a nice flurry, good for running. No sticking. It made for a nice picturesque run, but this afternoon when we were headed back from our walk to purchase the beautiful milk jug Lily and Jason wanted to stay outside and play and it was just a bit too cold and soggy. :( They just love to be outside.

A quick story from yesterday then I must go to bed.

I am proud of myself for schlepping the kids to Menards to run some errands. We are trying to pick out paint and I needed some picture hangers and I would usually reserve an activity like that (looking at paint chips requires a certain level of concentration that I usually can't muster w/ both kids). I would usually reserve this activity for the weekend either w/ all of us or w/ me kid free, but it needed to be done and I'm done living my life on the weekend so I put Lily in the back carrier and Jason in the cart and we got our paint samples, the picture hangers and looked for one other thing. We were going strong so we then headed over to Target to pick up a few other things we needed. The kids did great! :)

With our chores completed and our snacks eaten we got in the car and headed home. When I pulled in the driveway the kids both started to freak out and say "no Lily's house, no Jason's house" Then Jason said, "more driving"... never did I think I would hear this out of either of their mouths. I think they enjoy the driving around and pointing things out.. 'things' being mostly various types of trucks. So I asked Lily if she wanted to drive some more. She said yes so off we went. I didn't want to just drive around and waste the gas (ha) so we went to the coffee drive-thru and got Tom a coffee and took it to him at work. The kids both thought this was an EXCELLENT idea.

And little did they know that daddy's office was like a playground. They got to check out all the sample kiddie bikes, joggers and trailers and lots of people came to say hi to them...:) A good day had by all.

Of course Lily fell asleep for a whopping 5 mins in the car which caused her to take over an hour to fall asleep, but that's okay she eventually went to sleep and all was good.

Here are a few photos. One of Lily wearing J's jammie top as a shirt and J's new shoes ... while sporting some very cute piggies. She has been showing an affinity for both Jason's shoes and pants. I wish I had gotten a photo of her outfit today... which she picked out.

My little Tom boy:

And not to be outdone Jason had to have a piggie too.. notice the sprout coming out of the top of his head:

That's it for now.... tomorrow I will be spinning indoors for 2.5 hours so send me some mental entertainment if you have a moment. :)


  1. I love your glass milk pitcher. Where'd you find it? What's your recipe for almond milk?

    Laura in Seattle
    PS- My Leah loves to wear her brother's clothes... and it's just not worth the battle trying to convince her otherwise!

  2. Hi Laura! I found the pitcher at a boutique here in Madison.. after checking all the regular hot spots like Target.

    My Almond milk recipe:
    2 cups almonds soaked overnight
    6 cups water
    Blend then strain.

    1. I have a high speed blender
    2. you can use agave, dates or honey to sweeten. I started the kids w no sweetener so they will eat it plain.

  3. Do you buy your almonds in bulk? I keep thinking of making my own, but almonds are so freakin expensive!!! I think I have seen a glass pitcher like that at New Seasons, i bet they have something like it at Whole Foods.

    Liam always wants pig tails when Riley has them! :-)

    One more thing - are you eating all/mostly raw - following Brendan Brazier's diet plan, etc.? I think we have to break down and get that book for Andy!