Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Back on the bandwagon

For those of you that don't know (and some probably don't care) I fell off the cloth diapering bandwagon and have been using disposables since January. I bought another TWO boxes (112 diaper each for a total of $60) the other day and felt sick. I decided to add it all up. Realistically I'm at least a year out till I have two potty trained kiddos.

I figured about 12 diapers a day total on a normal day. So my 112 diapers would last about 9 days.. NINE days!!! NINE!!! WHAT THE! 360 diapers a month. THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY! 4320 in the next year. FOUR THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY! That's a lot of diapers hitting the landfill... A LOT! And we aren't changing diapers as much as we used to. That would be approximately $1157 over the course of a year. I felt sick when I figured all of this out.

My SIL Karen has been raving about the Bum Genius 3.0 one size fits all All-in-One diapers. I tried one on Lily when I was visiting and they much trimmer and easier to use than the ones I was using.

I bought one diaper from the local baby shop.. all they had was pink so Lily got a new diaper. I put it on her overnight to give it the BIG test. It went GREAT! It didn't leak at all. When I took Lily's diaper off in the morning she cried for her pinkie diapie. I washed it so I could try it on Jason and use it during the day and when I tried it on Jason Lily SCREAMED for her Pinkie Diapie... so I guess she's on board. She was also very upset when I put pants over it.

Long story short. I just spent $290 to buy the diapers... which I figure is a lot cheaper than the $1100 we would have spent on the disposable diapers and I can sell the clothe when we are done. Right now I'm excited to get back on the bandwagon, but we'll see how I feel after the first poopy diaper. Maybe I should start feeding them bananas, rice and bread so that their poops are a little more, um, firm.


  1. Welcome back to the bandwagon! I love my BG and am just waiting for my basic G to arrive and hopefully resolve the pee smell issues... have been using disposables in the meantime and am not happy about it. There is something so satisfying in changing a diaper that you are not going to throw away!

  2. Karen Predmore6:58 PM

    all right...tell me how you like them. We switched back to disposable too (for all sorts of reasons) but I always feel guilty about it. Let me know how the poo ones go...and how "low profile" they are. Our last cloth diapers really seemed to get in Fi's way...they were SO bulky.

  3. I will definitely give you the 411.. I'm VERY excited... ah, how life changes!

  4. I love those diapers! At the moment we only have 6 (because I'm cheap), but I intend to get more. They're great for night. Of course, we're not at the point where we have to worry about solid poops yet...

  5. Mine are scheduled to get here on Monday and I can't wait...