Friday, November 02, 2007

Goals and the New Year

My God I can't believe 2008 is SO close.. it's so close I can almost taste it. As usual I'm very excited about the new year. I'm not so excited about the big chill that is winter here.. puts a damper on my new year/new slate let's get going mentality, but I'm busy thinking and mulling over my goals for next year... as many of you can tell by the barrage of emails I've been sending out 'recruiting' others to join me in my adventures for 2008.

Andy has agreed to indulge me/join me in my big 2008 goal. (And my friend Gena is 90% there.) I'm hooked on triathlon and know I don't have the time to commit to training for an Ironman (will I ever?) so I'm going for the Half Ironman ... and I can't believe that Tom is so accommodating to my crazy need to comPLETE endurance races. Well, let's face it he deals w/ much crazier / off the grid things from me. :) Andy and I are going to do the Barclays 70.3 half ironman in Lake Stevens, Wa in July of 2008 - any other crazies that want to join us (uh, Karen P.) please do!!! And anyone else that thinks we are too crazy, but would love to watch are welcome as well! Or you can join us for a post race smörgåsbord ... I'm sure there will be alcohol and beer! And if you like to give massages Andy and I are available for practice.

I hope Todd, Julie, Cooper and Anna will make a 4th of July trip out to Seattle (if they aren't already living there again) to see us try to kill ourselves. We'll be racing each other.. okay, I'm joking. And Matt & Colleen and Brian & Jennie - you have been put on notice that we will be in town and you should make plans to be there as well. :)

There are many other things bouncing around in my head for 08... all will eventually be listed on the blog and I'm trying to make a collage (as you remember from THIS post these things seem to work for me) - but I only have about 4 magazines in my house... tried recruiting friends, but they have the same problem.. guess I'll be printing things off the web.

Okay.. now that I've got some of this out I might be able to get some sleep (What did you call it Karen P? Blogapy? Therablog?) ... LS 70.3 is out there now for all to see.. now I just need to register!!


  1. Good luck with your goals! I actually have no doubt that you will be able to acheive them...and this year you have the gym so you don't have to worry about the cold as much! :-)

  2. Great goals! I'll have to live vicariously through you in terms of fitness next year. :) You rock!