Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Croup, brother of the year and super grandma

So Lily got croup... she's had a runny nose for a while and on Monday night she started w/ a bit of the barky cough that indicates croup... yesterday and today she was in full fledged seal bark mode.. and miserable. I think we hit the high (or rather low) point of it today and she is on her way to being better, but tomorrow should tell.

Jason so far seems healthy - hopefully he will be passed over. I think the last time that Lily got croup Jason had maybe one or two croupy coughs, but that was it. He was such a trooper yesterday and today. Usually when I spend a lot of time holding or paying attention to Lily he either cries and wants me to pay attention to him or he starts acting out and getting into things. This time he - for the most part - played by himself.. showing us his toys and the cool things he was doing. He even let his sister play w/ his coveted cups with out losing it like he usually does. I was/am so proud of him.

When Lily is sick she seems to like to have Jason around or in site. On two occasions we took her upstairs to sit in a steam room (the bathroom) to breath for a while and both times she got really upset and kept asking for Jason.

Grandma has been a godsend while she's been here. I'm not sure how I would have gotten anything done and kept it together if she hadn't been here. Unfortunately - or maybe fortunately - for her we've been really low key because of the 'illness'...


  1. karen p1:14 AM

    What a sweet heart. And so sweet to know that they already have that sibling matter how much it seems like they don't get along when the going gets tough they're there for each other!

  2. Poor Lily. I love that she asks for Jason!

  3. Oh, poor little Lily! I hope she's feeling better. There is nothing worse than having a sick baby. Don't you just want to take the sick for her? Hope to hear soon that she's all better.