Thursday, November 01, 2007


Playdough is AWESOME! The kids are loving it and I have been able to work on the paper shredding project I've been trying to get done for months. I might actually get half of it shredded today. :) (all part of the "oh crap it's November and I have to get that room cleaned out" project in preparation for our bathroom remodel.)

Here they are playing nicely:
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They are at my feet playing right now. It's so cute to see them so focused. They both really enjoy taking small pieces of it and either attaching it to a larger piece or putting it in a cup. Second it sticking it on their finger/thumb and showing it to me. :)

Lily's vocabulary is now exploding - dad, you will be happy to know she has adopted the "no, no, no" w/ finger shake that you taught Jason.

We've started having a green smoothie and/or some veggie juice every day and the kids really love it... Spinach and fruit is actually really good - especially if you add coconut oil. Here they are sitting down to have their smoothie - we all share one.
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And I was trying to fold laundry (for those of you that have mobile kids you know this is impossible and I'm not sure why I even try)... anyway.. Lily found one of Tom's shirts and had to put it on. She wore it around the greater part of the morning until the sleeves started to irritate her.
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  1. Cute! Isn't it nice when they can occupy themselves for a period of time? I have been making a chard/fruit smoothie for myself every day and I love it! Riley will take a sip, but Liam won't touch it - not because it's green just because he has never been into smoothies....