Wednesday, May 03, 2006

5/3/06 30 weeks 6 days

I just realized something.. um a bit... "different" (okay that's really read ANNOYING, but I'm trying not to complain! ha ha) about twin pregnancy compared to a singleton pregnancy - yes, I realize I have NEVER had a singleton pregnancy, but I'm quite certain that the following observation is very true! Though in MOST cases w/ a multiples pregnancy you are in fact pregnant for a shorter period of time (term for twins is 37 weeks instead of 40) you FEEL pregnant for quite a bit longer!!! Okay.. this isn't talking morning sickness and what not.. this is talking the feeling of your body being inhabited by foreign beings and just not being able to move like you used to. For most of the singleton moms I've know and know now it seems that unless you knew the woman prior to pregnancy many of them appear that they MAY (Read: you would never ask "are you pregnant?") be pregnant well toward being halfway through the pregnancy. Now, seeing these women and remembering what my life was like at say, oh TWELVE weeks, you still feel rather normal and are asking yourself... "do I look pregnant to others? I mean I can tell the difference" Well.. I got to the "She is DEFINITELY pregnant" stage between 13 and 14 weeks... so I've been BIG BELLY pregnant for hmm... TWENTY SEVEN weeks now! People keep saying things like, "oh, must be any day now huh?" And they started saying that around 20 or 22 weeks.

So now I find myself day dreaming about what it will be like to not be pregnant anymore, though honestly it's hard to remember what it was like to not be pregnant. To be able to eat, or not, and not feel like I was going to barf, to get up off the couch or out of bed QUICKLY, to run across the street b/c a car is coming or to run into a store b/c it's raining really hard, to have a gin and tonic, to walk w/o waddling, to run in general, to ride a bike,... the list goes on.. how about to roll over in bed w/o doing a 25 point turn and waking Tom up. To actually FIT in my tub! Anyway.... so I'm all excited about this right. Naturally I'm reading some books about this multiples thing and in one I come across this:

Excerpt from "Mothering Multiples" by Karen Gromada:
"A sentiment often expressed by women during the last months of a multiple pregnancy is the desire to "get back to normal". Expectant mothers tend to idealize babies during pregnant daydreams. DAydream babies seldom fuss, spit up or have leaky diapers. Pregnant parents acknowledge that caring for multiple babies will keep them constantly busy, but imagining "constantly busy" and living "constantly busy" are seldom the same.
It can be a shock to discover that the postpartum year (DID SHE SAY YEAR?) is even less "normal" than 30 to 40 weeks of multiple pregnancy. Who could anticipaqte the suddenness of all the physical and emotional change that givng birth brings about? Change is always disruptive for routine-loving humans, but change, and the accompanying disruption in household routine, lasts longer when a new addition turns out to be new additions."

OH NO SHE DIDN'T!!!!! She did not just say that the following YEAR is going to be WORSE than being this pregnant w/ two squirmy little ones kicking the crap out of me and causing me to be nearly immobile! Making it so I can't enjoy my second love (eating) and my third love (moving) .... hmm. I'm not sure I want to subscribe to this thought process. I mean.. sure it's going to be hard.. they are going to scream bloody murder at the same time and BOTH expect ME - thier mother - to do something about it, their diapers will leak poop AT THE SAME TIME, they will wake us up at all hours of the night and want to be nurtured, they will turn my life upside down, but surely SURELY it will be a relief to have them outside my person... sure their will be days when MAYBE I'll wish I could put them back just to shut them up, but come on!!!! WORSE! No way! I'm not going to go there right now... I just want to meet them.. I will be happy to meet them... I won't believe what this woman is telling me! Not until I've lived it then I'm sure I will believe it, but now I have to believe that having them outside of me will be better! ha ha (this is the beginnings of my plunge into insanity I'm sure!) Thank GOD grandma and grandpa will be here in the beginning to be my extra set of arms! :) Dad, still counting on you for some diaper changes! ;)

Okay.. that's all for now.. just had to share that excerpt w/ you! Tom and I head to our "bringing baby home" class today.. and for the next three weeks.. then surely we will be all sorts of READY! HA!

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