Wednesday, May 17, 2006

5/17/06 - 32 weeks 6 days

Is it JUNE YET!?

My last appointment was pretty rushed - the doc was in a hurry - which was fine I guess. He checked me and my cervix is 50% effaced. I didn't get to ask him for more details about what that means, but I know that you have to be 100% effaced and 10cm dialated for the baby to come out... and I'm still closed so I think we're good. He didn't seem worried about it so I'm not either. Next appointment they'll do the Group B Strep test - just in case I get a vaginal birth - and will do another quick ultrasound to check the position of the babies. He's pretty sure he felt a butt when he was checking me so he's probably still breech... he's got some time to change, but I think he likes this position!

I'm at 191 lbs now... Dad and I may just end up being the same weight when he shows up in 2 weeks... either way we'll be darn close. If I gain another 3 lbs/wk between now and then and he doesn't lose even an ounce we'll only be 3 lbs difference in weight so close enough.. we'll have to get a picture of this! :)

I had another strange dream last night! I dreamt that I had had the babies, but couldn't remember it (the running theme in my birth dreams) - the only way I knew that I had had them was that I had my body back to myself.... and it was FABULOUS! ha Side note: I weighed myself in my dream and I was back to 140lbs already... just like that! Oh if it was that easy! I tried to go to the hospital to see and feed the babies, but I got lost and never could get there. I figured out that I had had a C section because I had a scar - a very small one! :) Then I remembered just a bit of the delivery... Dr. Melius was the one that performed the surgery and both little babies were perfect and had full heads of dark brown hair. That was all I could remember. It had been 2 days since they had been born and I still hadn't seen them again and Tom and I hadn't told anyone yet!

I promise it won't go down like that.. we will call you! :) ha ha

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