Monday, May 22, 2006

5/22/06 - 33 weeks 4 days

My OB appointment went well today. The babies have both gained about 1 lb in the last two weeks which is right on schedule. Baby boy is now 4lb8oz and Lily is 4lb9oz - she now outweighs him. All that ice cream I've been eating must be going straight to her hips - or if she's built like me - straight to her ass and thighs! All while her brother continues to gain weight at a steady rate! HA HA Oh, and the ultrasound tech said that she could see hair on baby boy's head! :) She didn't go back and look at Lily's after that and I didn't think to ask her.. at this point I'm not too comfy laying down for those things so all I can think about is getting them over with!

No internals this time. I asked the doc what he would recommend if I was still just sailing along at 37 weeks and he said, "wait and see you again in a week." I'm happy with that answer. He said that he was talking with the head of neonatology at Meriter and that the doc said they are seeing that babies that are born as a result of mom going into labor on her own - vs scheduling a C section for 37 weeks - do better. He said that if you aren't going into labor on your own there is a reason - typically if a mom goes into labor on her own and still ends up needing a C section the babies are better developed (even if it's early) b/c your body knows what it's doing and will go into labor when the babies are ready! :) So he said it would be great for the babies if we got to 38 or 39 weeks... though I think he still thinks I'll go between 36 or 37 weeks and he believes that if I go into labor all will be fine. He also said that the neonatologist said that if someone wants to schedule a C section they should have an amnio before having the C section to be sure the lungs are developed - uh, no thanks! ha! Oh God.. it could be SIX more weeks.. I'm not sure if I can do that!

So we are still waiting.. I'm hoping for at least another 2.5 weeks... God, that sounds like FOREVER right now! ha

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