Thursday, May 18, 2006

5/18/06 33 weeks

Wow, I had a rough night. It's normal for me to toss and turn b/c my hip hurts or my shoulder aches or b/c I have to use the bathroom AGAIN, but last night was a bit different. It was either contractions or just ligament pain. Baby boy pushes on one side w/ his foot and the other w/ - maybe - his head and it hurts! It usually doesn't disturb my sleep. This a.m. when I woke up b/c of the pain for the last time I reached down to feel a big contraction - normally they don't hurt. I haven't had another one since I got up - only 30 mins ago mind you! I'll be laying low and seeing what happens today! IT'S TOO EARLY TO HAVE THESE BABIES - I'm sure they would be fine, but I want to wait a bit longer.... so today I think I'll prescribe myself some bedrest! HA HA And I think I'll throw a nap in there too!

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  1. Sorry you had a rough night. I hope you're doing okay. If I were there, I'd bring chicken soup to make you feel better....oh yeah, you're not sick, you're pregnant. I'd bring some Ben and Jerry's to make you feel better! Keep us posted!