Saturday, May 27, 2006

5/27/06 34 weeks 2 days

Well, I just packed up all my maternity clothes that don't fit anymore.. which is MOST of them. I've washed and initialed them for the next recipient.... Jennie?? Colleen??? Julie??? :) No pressure.. they'll wait for you! :) It was kind of bitter sweet - though I'm SO ready to be done w/ this whole pregnant thing it was fun to remember the excitement over needing to purchase the maternity clothes in the first place - not really knowing where my body would go and how fast.

They've served me well and whoever gets them next will see that the cotton stretchy stuff was my favorite.. and I might have to replace a pair of Julie's pants because I have basically lived in them for months! :) When you get this big you wear what fits and doesn't bind. Thank God I'm not working I would have had to purchase a whole new wardrobe... I can walk around the house and even grocery shop with the bottom half of my belly hanging out, but I'm pretty sure that if I was still in an office they would expect me to cover myself! ha!

I haven't posted any "emotional" stuff in a while because I've had some bad days.. just swollen and tired of my immobility ... I don't want this to become a platform for my bitchfests so I'm keeping it to myself. I'm doing okay today... actually trying to get some stuff done, but it's SLOW going with lots of breaks! Tom is out completing his favorite task - lawn maintanence - we're already talking landscaping to minimize grass cutting - that stuff grows SO fast.

The temps are now hovering around the 80s and the humidity has cranked up - we actually turned our A/C on last night.. I was so HOT! It was 78 degrees in the house.. UGH! So far it had stayed pretty cool in here despite the humidity and heat outside, but we got over the hump. I woke up burning up this a.m.... please let these babies come before we hit the 90s! ;)

Spring has been amazing around here.. I just love watching things spring to life!

Okay time to go manage the dog hair piled up in the corners of our hardwood floor house... hey at least I don't have to push a vacuum over the whole place.. that's REALLY hard to do all of a sudden! ;)

Mom and dad will be here in 5 days.. YEAH!

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  1. hang in there my friend! I understand about feeling like all you want to do is complain but sometimes keeping it inside is better. It will all be over too soon and you will have those precious little babies in your arms.