Tuesday, May 02, 2006

5/2/06 30 weeks 5 days

My OB appointment went well yesterday. The doc said I was "PERFECT".. his words. I just told him that I already knew that! ;) The babies heart rates were great and doc said he thinks they are both head down.. we'll know next Monday at our next ultrasound. He said that after we get to 32 weeks they don't worry anymore.. and I'm close so that's good news! I haven't been gaining much weight from appointment to appointment and asked if that was a problem and he told me that the babies will get what they need to grow. It's hard for me to eat a whole meal so he said to just do my best to eat well and get calories in. I said, "so I shouldn't have half that cake you guys have out there?" He said, "Eat the cake!" ha ha Sweet ... free license to eat what I want! :) (NOTE: I learned a lesson this a.m... no matter how good chocolate chip cookies are ... they are BAD for breakfast.. I feel like crap after having two chocolate chip cookies after my breakfast... )

The cervix check was awful. I couldn't believe how uncomfortable it was... blah.. every week now. Oh well.. the things we do for our kids! Ha!

I also had a chiropractic appointment yesterday - which helps my back SO much - and the chiro asked what we were doing about vaccinations... or did I bring it up? I can't remember, but damn I have a lot of research to do. I've just been putting my head in the sand about it really... another thing to figure out.. I've been concentrating on just getting them here healthy and trying to get my mind around what we want done if they come early... and the whole c section vs. vaginal birth thing. I do need to think about this vaccination thing though b/c they start them right at birth. We need to be ready to tell the docs what we want done.

The days are slowing down even more.. is that possible? This waiting thing blows! I'm so excited to meet these little buggers - though a name for baby boy would be good BEFORE he shows up. Right now we are trying Austin out.. Tom's favorite so far.. it inspires thoughts of cow boy boots and ten gallon hats in me, but I'm trying to get past that. It doesn't help that Austin Powers Gold Member was on TV the other day... talk about ruining a name!

I'm not waking up to feet up in my ribs and baby lumps all over my belly - it feels like that scene in Alien where the alien bursts out of the guys chest.. or how I would imagine that to feel.

They will be here soon enough.. and while I wait I think I'll take a nap!

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