Sunday, September 19, 2010


This time of year always starts the gears turning. I'm not sure if it's the closing of the triathlon season (for me) or the season change or what, but I start planning my season for next year at the beginning of fall. Obviously nothing is in stone, but the pencil is flying and the fingers are a searching through the schedules on the internet. I'm comparing school schedules and trip schedules and cashing in my "SPUs" (spousal approval units).

I've been trying to decide whether or not I really need to take some time off after this 'season'.. using that term VERY loosely considering I only did two triathlons.. and sprints at that. I did a few running races early in the year and will do a few this fall/winter... again nothing MAJOR. ie no marathon

I basically decided that I'm going to do a couple of half marathons and maybe a 5k or two through the fall and winter then take December "off"... meaning no races no super long stuff.. I'll keep spinning and lifting, but won't be so focused. Then in January I'm going to check out Endurance Nation's Out Season plan.. basically a huge sufferfest of short HARD intervals to get some speed into the legs. I'll do this plan for 20 weeks then hit a 12 week HIM training plan for Timberman in August. I've got some other stuff (races) thrown in there, but like I said nothing in stone so I won't bother writing about it because it will likely change dependent on our schedule and what I can talk others into doing... racing with friends is more fun!

Now just waiting for the sun to come up so I can safely go for a my long run before my parents head back to Texas until the holidays. Good thing I've gotten used to early morning workouts because that will be the only thing available to me now... since I have other motherly/wifely duties that need to be completed and the school hours are the best times for that.

What's on your plate for the upcoming year?

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  1. Fall gets me planning too! I am done for the season now and trying to figure out what is next! Oh yeah, IMLP...scary!