Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Goals and goal setting

Okay.. I'm going to start this post out on a tangent before I forget. I've escaped to the coffee shop (having non-caffeinated beverage as per my decrease in caffeine) to let my ears stop ringing from the constant motion and noise of two 4 yo. (DAMN THEY NEVER SHUT UP! ha) before I head to swim. Ah, my night off.

Anyway. I was checking out and saw some Justin's Natural Peanut Butter w/ Honey at the check out. I've seen this stuff on GoSonja's blog (she's getting ready for KONA people) and thought I'd give it a shot. So I bought one NON-HYDROGONATED packet opened it and ate it. YUMM YUMM YUMM. Anyway that's not the point. My reason for mentioning this is that I was reading the back of it and it says, "EVERY BATCH TESTED FOR AFLATOXIN-FREE!!!"I nearly jumped out of my seat to cheer. If you've read the China Study you are aware of this horrible little toxin that is found in most peanut butter. And as a mom that loves the convenience of peanut butter finding some guaranteed aflatoxin free is very cool. So anyway... I had to share this discovery w/ the bloggy world. Maybe some day I'll have Justin's give away.... stay tuned! It's THAT good.

Back to the task at hand.

I've mentioned AMs blog Goals for the Week before and love what she's doing over there. I've been meaning to implement her ideas into my own life and have started the process in my brain, but haven't been able to get it all done and truly implemented. First off I have a REALLY hard time thinking forward TEN years. I know that I won't be cementing anything by thinking about it now. I think part of my mental block is considering in my mind how old my kids will be and how old I will be at that time. UGH! How can I even begin to GUESS what my life will be like, but I guess that's what this process is all about... not just rolling through life to ARRIVE at the 10 year mark with just whatever life has thrown at you. If you have a goal and a dream you can reach it .. and if you don't, well you get whatever you get! Not that that is a bad thing... I guess.

I have been setting weekly goals based on my goals for the next two years. (which I said I would divulge. We'll see if we get to it today - because I know you are checking in every day to see if I have spilled the beans yet. I guess I kind of have already.)

So far I've managed to get my mind around the next 2 years. Everyone knows that that I (we) have the midterm goal of getting back to the PNW... say 3 years from now. And then Tom (therefore I) has a BIG long term goal, but that is not mine to share!

So I thought this would be a great thing for me to hash out here on the ol' bloggy blog. This is a work in progress so you will probably see this topic again in the next three months as we come to the close of 2010.

AM first breaks down the 10 year, 5 year, 1 year, 6 months 'what will my life look like' question. She then extrapolates her day to day goals from there. Making sure she's on track for the big kahuna (you can read about it on her blog in much better detail HERE.) She breaks everything down into categories. (I've chosen mine to be: Mom, Wife, Athlete, Personal Growth, Financial, Home, Environment.) It appears that you don't have to have goals in EACH CATEGORY every week.

Your goals should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time Related). Again check out her post for more detail and examples on that item.

So we'll start off talking about the next two years. Ten is just too much for tonight's mommy brain. Plus I have to go to swim tonight. :D

Athlete: In the next two years I want to hear the words, "Laura Mount YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!" I plan to tackle the HIM (again) next year then IM in 2012. I have sign off from my better half for this much and have buy in from the Grents to give extra support when the training blocks get HUGE!

Mom: Be more connected to my kids more. Really hear them. Sit down and ignore all the BS going on around in the house (read computer, laundry, dishes) and connect with them. It's not enough to just "be there" with them every day. I will come up with some SMART goals around this soon.

Personal Growth: I need SOMETHING! A job.. sure... volunteer gig.. sure. SOMETHING! I'm drowning in the mundane tasks of momdome.. and I'm not lovin' it. Can I get an AMEN!? There are some ideas rolling around in my head: trainer/coach Need to dial this down to what I REALLY WANT and then come up with my GOALS. I am working on some things that need to wait until some other people are more available, but hopefully I'll have something to report on this in the not too distant future. There are some opportunities out there.

Financial: We're pretty dialed here. Of course the purse strings could always be tightened, but that doesn't really hash out w/ my athletic goals now does it?

Home: SMALLER SMALLER SMALLER, Less cluttered and in the PNW. Oh wait. That's probably not going to happen in the next 2 years. I would say that goal is back burnered right now. I'll go for neater/less cluttered for now.

Environment: Once again consumption. Consume less. Less in general, but also less packaging. So I see LOT'S of weekly SMART goals I can tackle on this one!

And I'm not sure where this last one fits. Partly in athletic and partly in personal growth? BLOG REVAMP! I messed with the colors and what not a bit, but I mean more than that. I'm looking to turn this into more than just my 'family journal'.. there are so many great bloggers out there sharing their journeys in various different things, but this blog is about to become all about my athletic endeavors. Perhaps I will start a new one for that and keep this address for my family stuff. I feel bad that I rarely if ever update the grents and others about the fam damily anymore.

So I'm toying w/ some new names as I try to figure this out. Here are the two I've come up w/ so far. What do you think?

Wife Mother Athlete

Endurance Junky

Still working through it.

So the goals for the week that I extrapolated from all this stuff that's been not rolling, but FLYING at WARP speed through my mind.

Athlete: Hit my ab workout 2x a week. (a strong core is key)

MOM: spend at LEAST ONE hour EVERY day on the floor playing w/ the kids whatever they want. God an hour seems minuscule doesn't it?

WIFE: Quality time w/ the hubby at least once this week.

FINANCIAL: MAKE Tom call about getting rollover paperwork for his OLD 401k from FIVE years ago

PERSONAL GROWTH/HEALTH: only TWO cups of coffee a day.

And you ... what are your goals for this week? How do you go about figuring out your goals for the coming year? Do you have a process?

Oh.. and I've talked about the vision board before. I did a vision board when we were trying to get pregnant. Check IT out. I kid you not we got two babies... THOSE babies. My kids looked just like them when they were babies!!!! I am going to make one of those for 2011 once I get it all hashed out!!!!


  1. goal setting - good idea. I mean, 10 years is going to pass whether we like it or not! May as well be prepared and working towards something. I feel like my life has been in a holding pattern after having these 3 kids - but now that C is 2 and a half, I see a light at the end of the tunnel, and finally feel like I can focus on something else than babies! (not that I can suddenly ignore my kids, but you know what I mean) Small children are a blessing but also require so much effort, mental and physical they it leaves little room for other pursuits (or so I have found the case to be). Now I too have many ideas swirling around in my head. So many possibilities! But how to choose? Obviously fitness is one, I will be 40 in a certain number of years, and my goal is to be the fittest that I have ever been and to look the best I have ever looked. Everything else? Not too sure. Yet. But like I said, LOTS of ideas. Good ideas. :-)
    I am sure you will reach all of your goals. You are a very determined and focused woman, and you have the help and support that you need to succeed. I am just curious - is your goal Kona or is it any iromnan? I guess if it's Kona you will have to do 2 ironmans unless you get lucky with the lottery... ;-) You go girl! Better you than me that's for sure. Ironman is definitely not in my plans - but whose to say they won't change one day...

  2. Kona is definitely not in the 2 year plan! One IM in the next two years. :) Then we'll see if it's something I want to continue to pursue. I'm guessing it will be similar to the marathon in that right after you think. WTH I'm NEVER EVER doing that again, but then you get the itch. Too bad if you want to do the race again the next year you have to register the next day. ha :)

    Anyway.. Love the 40 year goal. Still in search of the best solution for my skin. Still feeling like it's going down hill fast. Just me or are you experiencing the same? Got an 'easy/gentle' cleanse scheduled for December. None of the crazy juice only/water only stuff I've done before... just simple foods.

  3. Wow, what a huge leap! Not sure you need a blog revamp or a new name, just write about what is authentic, be it family or training.

  4. Kovas... you are so right. Love that perspective. It as, after all, my life right? :D Thanks!

  5. Hi there;-)
    wow, very cool to read. and thx for the shout out. I've found for me that when I start at the 10 yr point, it's very general, just big ideas I may/may not want to live into.
    and these change all the time for me! The ideas I had last year, aren't all the same as i have now. Last year my focus was more on cultivating my personal training business. This year...It hasn't been on my radar b/c other interests/ideas of sprouted. I'm learning the ideas can all change! ;-) hope that makes sense.

  6. Anonymous9:18 PM

    Oh, I so want to move to the PNW, too. It's a long term goal I wish could be a short term goal. Do you have a specific city in mind? Seattle? Portland? In between? Or just in general, you'll take anywhere in the PNW? I would love to live on the coast someday.


    I also wanted to comment that I love your blog...and I loved how you stated a goal was to live in a smaller house. For most people, the goal is a LARGER house. But I totally get why you would want to go smaller...I'm the same way. Less clutter, less picking up, fewer rooms to clean, more intentional space. :)

  7. Hello 'anonymous'! :D My husband is from Seattle and that's where I lived for 7 years and fell in love w/ the place. Ideally we will be back there and then stay FOR GOOD! Forever! In our modest house... never to move again. EVER EVER EVER! Where are you now?

    You are right on in my desire for a smaller home. We lived in a 1600sqft house in Wisconsin and I found that space to be PERFECT! I didn't know it was perfect until I ended up in this place. Granted we have a mother in law here.. but really. It's just too big. Less space = less stuff to manage! Fo Sho!