Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fairwell early morning rides.

Farewell early morning rides. I'll see you again in May. It's been real!

Nicole (my 'friend' I keep mentioning) and I headed out for our last 6:15 am (which had to be pushed to 6:30am) ride today. It was a balmy 47 degress and I'm happy that Tom has all the necessary gear to keep a girl warm. Some day maybe I'll get my own.. or at least hide some of his so I can always find it! :) My favorite arm warmers were missing today and I think they migrated to his bag.

It was cold getting started, but we warmed up. The most irritating thing wasn't the cold, but having to put the ride off only 15 minutes caused us to find ourselves in a lot more traffic than usual. Now I consider myself to have fairly good bike handling skills, but riding on these roads in traffic is nutso. People around here do not like to wait for you to get around that blind corner so they either gun it as they go by you (oh, point made...) or squeeze you out till you almost lose it on the gravel or get your wheel stuck in a storm drain. A nice big yellow bus did that to me today. GRR!

I'll still ride ... just not so early.


  1. Hey I love the new blog look by the way, great job!! AND I hear you on saying goodbye to the early morning rides...between cold weather in the AM and the increased traffic, it is kind of hell.

  2. great blog ... buses are evil especially yellow ones