Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Back in the pool

The weather has cooled! (YEAH!) and I'm back in the pool. I signed up for a masters program at my Y. Now as a triathlete I'm a bit nervous about the whole swimming w/ swimmers thing. Triathletes tend to only do freestyle and have our own little way about it. I'm hoping the swimming swimmers can help me w/ my stroke and finally get it nailed. I've already informed them that there is no butterfly in my future. They agreed to that.

I showed up last night to find that the evening sessions have no coach.. WHAT!! Okay. I can roll with this. So the 'captain' guy shows us the workout... 3100 yards. WHAT!? Okay. I can roll with this. So I just jump in the water and get started bc we know this could take me a while. I figure I'll swim until the time cut off (uh, 1.5 hours) or until I can't swim anymore.

Guess what I finished the work out. Holy crap did I just do that! And the more amazing part is that I didn't totally hate it! :) My friend Nicole (she's a swimmer) was telling me that she loves swimming because she can block out all the sounds and miscellany that goes on in life and just be. I have always found that while I enjoy blocking out the 'sound track' of my life I have always found that my mind goes to negative places (all related to my swimming) in the absence of the sound track. I worked really hard last night to shut that girl (miss negativity) up and focus on my stroke and being positive. It really helped. I got in a groove, but discovered that (as w/ most athletic endeavors in my life) I really don't get into my groove until late in the session. Gotta love the endurance stuff!

I'll go to the a.m. session on Monday to see how the coaching portion goes.

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  1. Awesome swim, 3100 yards sounds like HELL to me in a pool! Way to stick it out!