Friday, September 24, 2010


Listen to your body. I keep reading that over and over and over, but why oh why is it so hard to listen. To both the advice AND my body!?

So it's September - almost October - and while I didn't race a lot this season I did work hard... not to mentioned I opened the year w/ a huge marathon PR. My body (and mind) is starting to bark at me a bit right now. I wasn't really feeling like I needed an off season, but I'm starting to rethink that. I'm thinking that from now on when October rolls around it's time to cool my jets a bit. I mean I'll still work out - obviously, but it won't be so focused, so intense, so purposeful. Well it will still be purposeful, but the purpose will shift from 'go out there, kick ass and see what that body of yours can do' to 'go out there and have a BLAST!!!'. No worry about speed and intensity.

I've been toying with doing a half marathon (local, small, fun, cheap) in a few weeks, but have been hesitant to register and couldn't figure out why. On my run today (a tempo workout that I was totally NOT nailing) I figured it out. I feel like I need to put up a good number... ie. race the race and go all out, but right now I really miss just going out for a nice long run and enjoying the scenery. The leaves are changing after all and I don't really SEE that stuff when I'm out there pushing myself into the puke, er, red zone.

So I'm thinking it's time for me to scale it back a bit and run because I love it. Push myself, but not to the brink. I'm getting ready to ask a lot of my body (and mind - okay, mostly mind) come January I think they are both entitled to a little fun over the next couple of months.

I think my body is also requesting more sleep and LESS caffeine.. silly silly body of mine, but it's time to listen. So I'll be moving the 'get coffee/caffeine consumption under control' from a December goal to an October goal. (Come on I can't go cold turkey people.)


  1. It is weird not going all out all of a sudden, right?

    I am just running and biking as I feel too for the same reasons - I am going to be pushing my body in 2011

  2. Your body and mind will thank you if you listen!!! It was also get you ready to step it up come January,

  3. Love it... yes! I just wrote a post about listening to your body... totally agree. :)

  4. Love it... yes! I just wrote a post about listening to your body... totally agree. :)

  5. Just a suggestion for your next run, don't take your Garmin. A friend of mine runs many of her runs without her Garmin and says it keeps her focused on enjoying the run and not constantly checking distance and pace.

    I'm not sure how well this works. I have yet to leave the house without a fully charged and ready to go Garmin! :)

  6. Shannon.. you are so right. I SHOULD do that.... maybe in December when I'm done w/ these half marathons! :D ha ha Though I will run them for fun... And damn girl you are super SPEEDY!!! :D

  7. Time off from your racing doesn't mean competely offseason, especially if there are local races around. Maybe you could mentor a newbie through their first half-mary?

  8. Hi Laura! Thanks for the comment on my blog!

    I totally agree that sometimes your body and mind need a break from the intense stuff. I've taken a huge break from big goals after each one I've realized and focused on the fun stuff. I'm not sure if it helped or hurt me, but it certainly seemed like the thing to do at the time! :)