Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Where oh where is my mojo?

I had such great mojo w/ that winter marathon training (thank God or I never would have gotten through solo winter marathon training)... now it's like pulling teeth to get me to put on my running shoes and head out. My runs have been subpar lately and it makes me less than excited to get out there... I know I just need to get back in the groove and it will all fall together.

Good thing I've got a half marathon NEXT WEEKEND!! UGH! That sure crept up on me. I'm sure it will be fine... no PR, but fine. Trying to get my butt to the gym right now to get a run in. Weather is craptastic here this week and, well, the kid thing. :)

Looking forward to our trip to Seattle in a few weeks... at least I'll get to run w/ some friends! :D

1 comment:

  1. Hey Laura, hope you get your mojo back. Mine is out for lunch as well. Good luck in the 1/2!