Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Jamie Oliver!!!

Jamie Oliver is a British Chef that is standing up for health HERE IN AMERICA!!!! Why does it take a person from another country to bring a call to arms to our health!!??

Jamie has recently been awarded the TED Award. TED, which stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design is a non-profit community of some of the world's most influential "thinkers and do-ers".

Jamie is speaking to my heart in THIS video!! It is his acceptance speech and you MUST LISTEN TO IT!

Jamie is bringing awareness to the state of our country's nutrition. I often feel like I live in a bubble. Most of the people that I know are feeding their families whole foods... good nutrition that they themselves are preparing. I have managed to surround myself by people that take the health and nutrition of their families seriously. As a result of this I forget (and find it so hard to believe) that not everyone approaches their families nutrtion in this fashion.

It's a hard reality that most families turn to fast food... to junk food to sustain (hardly the right word) their families. It breaks my heart to think of this. I can't fathom not feeding my kids the best food I can afford. I want them to have the best start in life... both from a nutrition standpoint and a behaviors (as in exposing them to whole foods ... knowing what's best for them and how to prepare them) that will last a lifetime.

Jamie also points out that the number one killers are not murder and cancer... they are HEALTH RELATED diseases.. obesity, heart disease etc. Things that are PREVENTABLE. Watch the video.. sign the petition! The changes that need to be made need to come from each and every one of us. This is not the schools problems or 'main st' problem alone.. we all need to take a stand and make the change... (Uh, to quote Michael Jackson)...

Let's do this parents...


  1. I LOVE Jamie Oliver!!! I love what he is doing, and I can't wait to see his show. I don't think most people really understand nutrition, they just read what is on the box. Fruit Loops? Oh, they are fortified with vitamins and are a valuable part of our day! Woo hoo! (NOT) I think it will start with awareness, then once people are aware, they can start making better choices.

  2. What a great post and video! Thank you for posting this! My family are vegetarians (semi-vegans) so we are used to eating tons of whole foods, fruits, and vegetables, but it is amazing what the majority of the population is eating. It is absolutely disgusting, is a complete tragedy, and it needs to change.

  3. Amen Aimee... I'm the sole vegan in my family... but we all eat our fair share of fruits and veggies!!! We're going to grow a veggie garden again this year... (last years was 'okay'), but we've moved to a new part of the country... we'll give it a go again. It is a tragedy... I feel the best I can do on a 'grass roots' level is live my life out loud and in the open... let others see what's working for us???

    I'm excited to bring 'green' Popsicles to preschool for st. patty's!

  4. Great post! I love what Jamie is doing. Eating whole foods around here is tough through the winter, but I get it done with some effort (closest store is 45 min away). I have a big garden every year, but I can't make it last past Jan because we eat all I put up. :)