Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The ability to choose.

Lately I am really trying to decide if going back to school is what I want/need to do. Yes I am into nutrition, but do I want to talk to people all day about it? Nutrition can be highly technical and there are millions of details regarding what all the different elements do to interact w/ all things in your body, but I feel it's really pretty basic. :) EAT WHOLE FOODS! I realize that most people I know eat fairly well so I am sheltered to the fact that most people do not eat well.... but am I the one to help them 'see the light'... I suspect I would be fighting and uphill battle and either be working w/ the infirmed or overweight people looking to shed a few pounds. I suspect that the latter group doesn't necessarily have a problem w/ what to eat as much as they have a problem w/ stepping away from the foods they know are making them overweight/sick. Having experienced a lot of this myself. They typically need a psychologist more than they need a nutritionist.

Lately I'm feeling like I should learn to grow my own food and learn how to sustain our family in a better way (not depending on mass produced products as much) if I really want to 'make a change' and help people.

So the saga continues. I'm slated to start pre-reqs in May... have until then to really decide what direction my life is taking I suppose. What do I want to 'be' when I grow up? Perhaps the answer is to not grow up.

Weighing the pros and cons of it. In the short term I would be taken away from my family, the time I spend running/riding/swimming would be decreased as I focus on my studies..... Long term I would have a masters degree and be employable ...

Decisions decisions decisions.


  1. That is a tough one! I feel your dilemma. You could always work in a wellness clinic, you could write articles, and you could choose who you work with! (ie, you don't have to work with people who have serious eating issues). You could even work with the school districts to help plan healthier lunches?

    But, here is something else to think about. You don't have to do it right now. When the kids are a little older and in school all day (and if they go to all day kindy it's really not that far off!) you will have more time. and lets not forget, you ARE employable. Maybe it wouldn't be your dream job, but you certainly could get a job. And lets not for get that a job will also take time away from working out and family (speaking from personal experience, it's hard to balance even the part time job).

    So, maybe try school and see how it feels. It's ok if it's not right RIGHT NOW. You are still so young, and have so much time to go back to school if you choose to wait.

  2. Good luck with your tough decision! Let's talk about growing your own food - I grow a lot of mine (I haven't made it last past Jan though), and get much of my other stuff from local farms and farmers markets.

  3. I stress about what I'm "going to be when I grow up" alot! I feel like I want to return to the workforce someday, and that I would want to feel passionate about what I was doing, and advocating in some way, which would require going back to school, but where does that put my family in the balance?? Sigh. And with a big birthday in a few months, I feel the pressure even more.

    I think you'd be a great advocate for nutrition - you inspire me so much to make better choices of what I'm putting on our family's table!

  4. I grow tomatoes on the balcony! I got in 5 plants last year and our balcony is 4 feet by 12 feet. Two were hanging. It was like a jungle balcony! I like people who grow their own food, I especially like to visit them...and eat their food! hahaha!

    I totally agree that for most nutrition is more therapy. But there are times when empowering people with the right details will make or break their mo-jo to get it done. Just a thought.

  5. Thanks everyone for your comments. Things to ponder for sure.

    Meghan... glad to hear I inspire someone.. :D Do I need a degree to be an advocate??? HMMM the big question!

  6. Anonymous10:32 PM

    Can you work in the nutrition field, or something related, without going to school to see if it is really something you want to do, and then maybe make a decision about going back to school and making that time and money investment?


  7. Isn't it a true blessing that you do have the ability to choose? Lots of people don't have that and don't get to follow their dreams... just have to work to work. We are truly blessed. Good luck with your decision.