Friday, March 05, 2010

A day...

My friend JENNIE did a day in the life and I thought it was a cool idea... a pictorial of a snapshot in time! So I did it too! My photos are not nearly as good as hers.

First thing in the a.m. is always a quart of water and my beloved cup of coffee made by Tom. :)

Next up breakfast for the kiddos:

today the boy requested OJ...and spring must be coming b/c I'm composting again.

and me too...

Then the kids watch a show while I clean up (maybe) and get our stuff together to go wherever.. usually the gym or school.

Check schedule/let dog out/get dressed

Now kids dressed... like an olympic event in and of itself.

Off too the gym...
Every time I leave the house I see this. It makes me hopeful that spring will some day get here.


(Jennie mentioned all she does is feed kids and change kids)...

Lunch (have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE my Vitamix?)

Can't ignore the hugely messy kitchen any longer.. first unload the dishwasher (daily..ugh)

Now time to go exercise the dog. Off to Huntington State Park for some outdoors time.
The first thing Jason did was biff it in a huge water puddle necessitating a wardrobe change.

Throwing rocks.

Home again and a little computer time and a snack for Mommy while the kids paint. (jason also snacking... that kid must be growing today alone he ate 1.5 eggs, 2 pieces of bread, a mango, a bowl of oatmeal, about 8oz of smoothie, a bowl or more of snap peas, an apple and two servings of peanut butter, a kashi bar, EIGHT HUGE ravioli)

And of course nature calls. No more diapers, but this sure is fun!

Next up favorite activity... jumping on the bed.

Let's make some playdough ... so you'll have something to do while I make dinner.

(in the interest of REALITY.. though this activity looks all fun and nice there was plenty of "i can't do it" "help me NNNNOOOOWWWW!!!" "lily/jason took xyz from MMMMEEEE!!" during the dinner making/play dough playing party. So don't be fooled by the pretty pics!)

Tom got home a bit late and missed dinner. When he came home the kids were in full throttle run around like crazy people mode.

One last video while I clean the kitchen and throw a load in.

Check out that huge bowl of kitchen scraps headed to the compost. ONE day in the Mount house.. wow! Just started this up again, but will probably save us a bag of garbage a week!!!!

Ready for bed...

2 stories each and some cuddles and they're down for the count.. Lily got up once and she may not be out yet.. she likes to read/color for a while before bed. Jason is out like a light.

Now I'm working on the computer and Tom is checking out beer brewing stuff (just guessing) on his iPhone.

This was fun JENNIE!! Thanks for the idea. By the end of the day Lily was done having her photo taken, but Jason loves it! :D


  1. cool - I am just wondering what the kids are eating?

  2. What a fun entry! I love it! Tell me about this vitamix thing...

  3. The Vitamix is the BEST blender EVER!!! It will crush pretty much anything into a nice smooth finish!!! It's a must have for smoothies.. You can also make soup RIGHT IN THE BLENDER.. not that I do this that much. I use mine to make nut milk and smoothies mostly.. but when I do make a smooth soup it's a must...

    Let me know if you have specific questions!

  4. it's really funny. we have a vitamix and use it DAILY for morning shakes for us/kids...