Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A long day and a name change

It's been a long day today. Our last here in Madison. I've held it together pretty well though this whole process... busying myself w/ the minutia of life and the minutia of the move, but today saying good bye to Marie was just too much. My first break down. The tears flowed and when Jason and Lily asked me what was wrong I told them I was going to miss my friend Mama Marie. Lily said, "that's okay. Daddy will be there." Then she said, "We'll come back to Wisconsin." Marie, I miss you so much already!! I miss all of my friends as we get ready to shove off for CT.

We spent our entire day w/ friends... we went to breakfast w/ Ridge then headed to Hoyt Park to meet Mama Marie, Kate, Coco and some other friends for some fun in the woods. After that we headed over to Casa Brown (aka Kate and Coco's) for lunch and fun. Then to Betsy, Ty and Ian's for a quick good bye. Despite the undertones of sadness because of our departure it was a great day. I even got a nice run in... despite the fact that I am so full from EATING my way through this moving event. Eating out every meal does not agree w/ me.. and my tendency to eat when I'm stressed isn't helping. Finally got the Vitamix out of the car for my dinner smoothie and am much happier w/ greens and veggies in my belly. One more smoothie for the road tomorrow and some kombucha to help my poor gut get back to normal and we're off to our first stop in Maumee, Ohio (right outside of Toledo) then another stop in Pennsylvania (Lily asked if we were going to see Pinky Grandma - my grandma - I was amazed she remembered that she lives in PA)... then a short day and we are in Bethel, CT... hopefully in time for a little preschool get together to introduce the kids to some new friends before their first day of school on Monday.

I changed our address w/ our bank so I changed the name of the blog too. We'll just be the East Coast Mounts for now... maybe I'll come up w/ something more inspired at a later date.

Jason and Lily are ROCKING this move. I am so shocked at how well they are rolling with this. We've talked about it a lot and continue to give them the plan for the next days to come so they know what to expect. I really think our trips to TX and to PA are really paying off right about now. They are familiar w/ the car rides and staying in hotels and they think it's fun so this is nothing new to them. We're all a bit tired and a bit more on edge than usual, but so far so good!

Okay... time to attempt bed time for stay number 3 in the hotel. Closing is tomorrow at 10:20a.... 'see you' on the other side.

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  1. Good luck with everything! I'm thinking about you!!