Wednesday, October 14, 2009

One and a half weeks and counting...

One and a half weeks until the movers come. In my mind I had been counting down until closing... which is two weeks away, but today I just realized I really should be counting down until the movers pack us out because that is really the big day for me. I need to do some work before then. Like separate out the things that stay with the house and the things we are taking on our trip. This could take some time particularly with Jason and Lily running around trying to 'help' me.

We are talking a lot about moving and the kids talk a lot about the big truck coming and taking their stuff and about moving to Connecticut. We'll see what happens when the truck actually shows up to take the stuff away.

I'm really excited for all the things that I hope to do at the new place - essentially everything I had planned on doing here, but put on hold because we are moving. Things like composting, rain barrels, a bigger garden, but as we get closer to the actual move I'm getting nervous. Mostly I'm nervous about moving to a new place in the face of winter and feeling isolated in my house without friends and play groups. Hopefully winter is a bit different out there in that people don't basically disappear into their homes for cold water hibernation.

Training is going well. I'm doubling up the P90X (really fitting it in where I can) and it seems to be working in just 2 weeks of not doing it every day. I did legs and back yesterday and can definitely feel it today. I have to 'cheat' on the "pull up" part of the work outs because I don't have a pull up bar (like I could do a pull up - one day) and use bands, but hopefully after we get settled in the new house I can get a pull up bar. Not sure where it would go, but we'll figure that out. I did legs and a 5 mile run yesterday. Ugh. I'm questioning the training schedule I am working off of now so I'm trolling around for a new plan... if anyone has recommendations.

I stumbled on THIS post the other day and really thought it was great. For those of you that run... Why? Why do you run?

Why do I run? Lot's of reason. Not necessarily in this order:
3. I like to eat
4. love the burn/runner's high
5. to feel accomplished (set goals and achieve them)
6. to set an example for my childern


  1. karen predmore10:52 PM

    Only a week and a half? How exciting! I'm sure you will find friends and groups in no time - it certainly seems to be one of your many strengths to take on new situations and make your home around them.

    and have P90X??? I talk about that thing all the time and have been searching for someone with it to find out how it really like it?

    Why do I run (not that you asked but I'm taking you up on this):

    1. I like to eat
    2. Because I'm not good at it
    3. I love the feeling when I'm done
    4. to set an example
    5. to prove to myself that I can
    6. to see what i don't get to see when I'm not running.

  2. After tonight's run I want to add one of your reasons to my list.

    How you feel after a run. How the colors are brighter, the smells stronger and my general outlook better.

    Yes I have P90X. I've only been doing it for a week. I don't follow it to the letter b/c, let's face it, sometimes life w/ kids doesn't allow for that AND marathon training. I did get the leg / back work out in this week and my legs are SHREDDED. I didn't run yesterday partly bc of that and partly b/c of schedule. Today my legs still hurt, but I couldn't skip another run and I was scheduled to do a race pace run... well I'll be damned if I didn't run the fastest 5 miles I've ever run... not sure if it was the P90X making me stronger, experience finally making me better or the fact that I knew it ws going to hurt b/c my legs were already shredded so I just pushed through it, but now I know I can do it. :)

  3. I can't believe it's only a week an a half either! Good luck with everything.

    Why do I run? Honestly it's something I ask myself constantly, especially over the last few years when it has been so awful and I have hated it. BUT:
    1. I feel compelled (why, why why? see following reasons)
    2. easiest way to exercise
    3. good exercise
    4. get outside
    5. be alone with my thoughts (I don't run with music)
    6. set a good example for my kids.

    I ran 4 mils on Thursday evening after Andy got home from work. i actually had the best run ever. I felt strong and fast throughout the whole run! I can't remember the last time I felt like that. It was an amazing feeling. I almost want to quit while I am ahead. :-) But if that is how it's going to start to be for me, I could really get used to having mostly awesome runs instead of mostly shitty difficult runs. Maybe that is why people like running so much? They actually feel good during it, not just after?

  4. ps. I think i am going to have to look into this P90X for myself! You said you got it on ebay? We quit the gym so I don't have that option anymore.

  5. KM - yes I got p90x on ebay for about half the price. I'm really liking it so far.. .there is a lot of room for improvement which I like. :) Goals goals goals.

    think back, can you remember the first time you ever ran and how much it sucked? you are back in the beginning stages of running. Thankfully the curve isn't as steep when you get back into it. Hang in there. It will be good again. Remember when we were training for Portland (uh, a million years ago) and we had a fantastic EIGHTEEN mile run. Yes, I said 18. Remember... remember that when you are having a shitty run!


  6. A friend here at work have PX90 and LOVE it. He and his wife did it together. I saw AMAZING results. I'm doing it the first chance I get.

    My runner's reasons sound just like yours. Although I would also list that I loved having the kinship with the people I ran with. I SO miss that. I loved it so much that I could get up at any hour of the day and run as long as I had someone to run with. Running alone? Not so much... :)