Saturday, December 05, 2009

Getting settled...

We are getting in our groove here in Connecticut. The kids are adjusting just fine to their new school. Ironically they went from a class of all girls and two boys to a class of all boys and two girls. The kids don't comment on it, but I thought it was interesting. Lily has commented a few times on the way to school that she wants to go back to Wisconsin and her old school. She won't say why, but I think it's because the easel and paints were a mainstay at her old school and she would paint every day. Here she can't paint very much.

We found a cool state park about 2 miles from here and we go there a ton. The kids love to 'go to the woods'. They love to clamber up the rocks and hike on the single track trails. I just like being outside in the fresh air. It snowed today so we'll see if we continue to go out there as much.

I'm running a ton... alone. When contemplating it prior to having to hit the huge milage I was dreading it, but really it's kind of nice. I'm not sure if it's my current state of life. Full boar, huge volume and CONSTANT that I don't mind running alone in silence w/ my book and my thoughts or if it's just the book. Certainly running 20 miles alone is not as fun alone as it is w/ your best girl friends, but I'm surviving much better than I thought I would. My 19 miler today was suffering (around mile 12), but I got through it and in the end didn't totally hate it so that's good. :) I blew through Born to Run in just over a week's worth of runs... even taking a day off of listening to it to conserve it for my longer run. Now I've moved onto "This is what I talk about when I talk about Running" and I think I pretty much used it up today on my 19 miler. Both great books. Born to Run may be my favorite book right now. Next up The China Study. Omnivore's Dilemma will probably be next. I've tried to read it twice and it's nice and LONG! This could get expensive. Guess it's cheaper than a swim coach at this point.

I did go ahead and join the local cycle/tri group. I'm a bit nervous b/c it's mostly roadies and I don't race bikes. I know they want participation, but they also want people to do well and improve. Guess there is no harm in that right??? :) I haven't been in a pool in a year and didn't ride much at all last year... could have a tough season ahead of me. At least I kept running though it all.. THANK YOU RIDGE for making me keep up w/ that all year. What was it that Betsy said? "Friends don't let friends train for Ironman alone." ???

We got a dog. The first two days I had serious buyers remorse thinking I might have just put myself over the edge, but he has settled into the family nicely and has figured out where he is supposed to go to the bathroom. He's still got an affinity for my slippers, but he's not an aggressive chewer so I'm able to get them off of him before he does too much damage. We've had a few minor toy casualties, but it's helping the kids keep their toys picked up a bit better. Okay maybe not that much better. Jason loves practicing his "Cesar Milan Dog Whisperer" techniques and actually helps out quite a bit w/ the dog considering his age. The kids love having him around (aside from the times of the aforementioned casualties).

I'm having a hard time getting into the Xmas vibe. I'm not a huge holiday person, but I'm trying for the kid's sake. I made them fun little advent calendars that they are totally jazzed to open every morning. They get a chapstick tomorrow and I can't wait to see the look on Lily's face. (she loves her some chapstick)... and yes there is some candy in there. They got chocolate coins today. We talk a lot about Santa.. mostly in the terms of ... if you do / don't do that Santa is not going to be happy. I find myself breaking into the Santa Claus is Coming to Town song daily... as their reminder to mind their Ps and Qs. Papa is also one of Santa's secret agents and he calls him daily to give him a report on how Jason and Lily are doing. I hadn't even thought of doing this until a lady mentioned that she uses it quite a bit. I think Jason and Lily will probably get some toys, but most days I am tempted to give them coal and sticks. They might get coal and sticks w/ their toys... I got sticks one year... may as well pay it forward. YES!! My mom and dad REALLY gave me STICKS from Santa one year. (I'm sure I got something else.. but damn Gma doesn't mess around). Do I need to remind you that Xmas is also my Birthday... nice mom.

We got our first snow today and I couldn't believe how wet it was and the fact that it didn't really stick initially. We aren't in Wisconsin anymore Toto. Mom and I are going shopping tomorrow and Tom said we would wait and see what the roads were like? WHAT!!! Okay it's seriously mountainous (East Coast Mountainous anyway) here, but seriously!?

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays... we're getting there! :D


  1. You should check out your local library for books on tape. At the king county library, you can actually download books from your computer! It's pretty cool!

    Glad you're settling in.

    Sorry you got sticks. That's horrible! LOL No wonder you're not big on holidays!

  2. I love your new blog photo, complete with dog! I am glad your training is still going strong even through the move. I have no doubts that you will do awesome in the tri group - you can do whatever you put your mind to.

    I see you are scarred for life from the sticks! At least it wasn't coal... ;-) Sometimes I REALLY want to give my kids coal. That'll put them on the straight and narrow!

    Thanks for the update! Can't wait to see you guys in the spring!