Friday, October 02, 2009

Fall is here...

I really had a good thing going there for a while. I was getting up a couple times a week to go for a morning run and I really love having it done by the time the day officially starts. BUT... now it's cold and I can barely get out from under the covers much less out the door for a run. Damn I'm in trouble it's really not even cold by midwest standards. Good thing I'm moving. Ha ha Though I know it will get WAY colder than this in CT over the winter. Perhaps my house will be better insulated or just warmer for whatever reason! To add insult to injury I won't be able to schedule early morning runs with my running buddies to motivate me to get out of bed. Will have to find my own will and strength I suppose.

Four more weeks and counting here in Madison. I'm going out w/ some girl friends for a last girls night out ... though not as many people can come as I hoped. Then next week it's girls night w/ the play group ladies. I'll do my last Wisconsin race on Oct 24th and one more last trip to the zoo for halloween w the kiddos on the 25th and then we are in full on move mode and it's pretty much over. I bet it's going to go by fast.

I'm really glad I have this marathon to focus on! It's like when we were planning our wedding and Karen and I were training for Portland. Training helped keep me grounded. Gave me something else to have to do on a daily basis and not let the crazies and stress creep in.

I rotated the kid's wardrobes last night - cause face it the warm ain't comin back! - and discovered I have almost no pants for Miss Lily. She has two bins full of clothes for 4T and 5T, but NOTHING for 3T. And the 4T pants are miles too long. Jason on the other hand is SET. Funny how that changes. It used to be Lily that had drawers and drawers of clothes.

The kids are absolutely loving school and growing leaps and bounds before our eyes. In the beginning when I asked what they did in school they would just say, "Painted" or "played in the sand box". Now they are telling us details about their art and what the focus of the class was. They are also singing through EVERYTHING. It's like Preschool Musical up in here. When we went to Parents Night at the school they told us that they sing songs through every transition to keep all the kids entertained while they wait their turns or complete mundane tasks. Well it shows. My kids are singing everything. It's really cute, but at times can get to be ... uh... too much. On the way home the other day Lily was singing LOUDLY the same thing over and over and over again. It was all I could do to not tell her to stop. Finally Jason told her to. Of course she didn't, but he tried. He just put his hands over his ears. I couldn't do that because I was driving and I'm pretty sure that would have labeled me WORST PARENT of the year if I tried to drown out my girls new found love.

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  1. Ha ha...It must be the teacher in me. I sing most transitions in my house too!

    How are the kids taking the move? I think it's good you have the marathon to focus on too. At the very least, you know that is stable.

    I feel sad that you are leaving a place you love so much.

    I love reading your blog, so keep us posted! :)