Saturday, October 03, 2009

Great run!

I had a surprisingly great run today. It's been a hard week of training.. or so my hip flexors have been telling me. I was slated to do a 6 mile tempo run then got an email about a group run at 8 miles and Betsy and I decided to jump in on that instead of going it alone on Sunday. Historically it seems most runs I do w/ Betsy I just don't feel good so I was thinking this would be another.. legs sore and tired from a long week and lots of stretching (yes makes you sore) and I just started my period. UGH! But wow. We had a great run and ran most of it as a tempo run!!! YIPPEE! Tomorrow is my day off then we start all over again. Come on legs. We CAN do this!

The weather was perfect... much like Seattle. Running w/ Betsy and the crew (though I mostly just ran w/ Betsy) reminded me so much of Seattle, TNT and running w/ a nice sized group. It was great! I hope I can latch onto a group when I move to CT. First long run on the docket our first weekend there is 17 miles. SEVENTEEN Long miles when running alone... maybe Tom or dad can ride a bike w/ me as we figure out the area by foot. :)

I'm feeling good w/ this training and am excited to see what I can do as the runs get longer.... and running 26.2 miles is a small price to pay to lay on the beach in the dead of winter!

Jennie don't forget to get yourself some new running shoes in your 'baby preparation' so we can do Marine Corp in the fall. Julie, Colleen, Karen...still no response from you guys ... you in?


  1. Nice...Running sounds SO great right now! I really miss it! And the beach in the winter doesn't sound so bad itself =) AND...look at you blogging all the time again! =)

  2. what? marine corps in the fall? not likely...where is it? I am over running marathons...too much training and not enough interest ;-) (on my part that is!)

  3. Hey! I hate to be your bad luck charm. OK let's hope that this Saturday's 13 doesn't make you feel like poop :o)

  4. Karen it's in DC. It's in October... and they have a 10k too. :D

  5. Oh they're in there. Along with new running clothes. Mine are so outdated now! LOL

    I cannot WAIT to start running again. I'm hoping for a non-c-section birth so I can get at it sooner.

    Hopefully I will be able to find the time with the second one arriving and it being the dead of winter. :)