Sunday, August 13, 2006

I hesitate to post this!

All is well here and having two grandmas again to help has been great! I've showered every day and even got out for a walk/run by myself the other day.. and I am (pathetically) sore.

I hesitate to post that Lily and Jason started sleeping 6 hours a night the other night. Jason has slept through by himself once (he will go back to sleep when I cuddle him) and Lily has slept through twice on her own. Let's hope I didn't just jinx it - I'm still not counting on it as a pattern.

Also.. Lily has started nursing without her shield. I'm THRILLED!

Okay.. the men are installing our replacement windows and it's loud and dusty so I'm going to go tank up the chitlens and the women are going to head out.. most likely just to a coffee shop. I'm sure the patrons of the shop will be happy to see us coming!

Pictures to come!

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