Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Confession time!!!

Before I became a parent I thought it was ridiculous how much crap parents had for their kids, I mean SERIOUSLY people!!!!!!!

Now I get it. I have a double Snap N Go stroller for the car seats, a jogger (which I can't even use yet), and I just went out and bought the mercedes benz of strollers.. the Maclaren!!!! My babies are a mere 2 months old and I ALREADY have THREE strollers!!!

My apologies for my past judgements!! I was wrong.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

This is on the way out for the walk from HELL!!! We walked to Whole Foods (1.8 miles each way)... I had to carry Jason the last bit on the way there.. on the way back we had to stop in a bitof shade to nurse them. Mom sat close and I she held Jason's body while I tandem nursed them. Then Lily would NOT be put back in fir quite some time so I carried her. We left at 10:30am & didn't get back until 1pm.... babies are NOT ready to walk that far. I was exhausted when we got back.

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  1. at least you know when to admit you are wrong... ;-)