Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Was 2011 AwEsOmE!?

I set 2011 up to be a BIG year! Let's review all the AWESOMENESS I had set out to accomplish:

1. Um, 140.6 at Rev3 Cedar Point.
3. Recertifying for Spinning with Madd Dogg
4. Actually using said Spinning cert
5. Hiring a tri coach
6. Qualifying for Boston
7. Entering the NYC lottery
8. Some other mystery thing that I can't even remember the details of - I never revealed it. I don't think.

So let's just review each of these a little.

1. Nope. No full for me. And I'm good with that. I put it out there, but the time wasn't right. I completed the half at Cedar Point instead and am SUPER happy with my time and effort! WIN!- ish
2. Yes yes yes.. I finished my first (hope it was just my first) year with TEAM TRAKKERS and it was BEYOND awesome. Blew my mind and exceeded my expectations a million times over. WIN!
3. Recertified ... and it was EASY! WIN! 
4. Got a job. Taught spin 3x a week through the entire season. Enjoyed it.. though I KILLED myself and shot a lot of my running to hell killing myself on the spin bike, but I LOVED it so it's all good! WIN!
5. Hired a rockin' tri coach that worked with me as my schedule changed and helped me work around the crazy spinning... and helped me process the choice to drop the full.... this year. WIN!
6. FAIL! It was a fail before I hit the start line because I had an injury. I didn't even try... just ran it. Huge bummer, but it is what it is. I said FAIL, but don't think of it that way really... I RAN the race.. which I wasn't sure I was going to be able to do and I had an AMAZING weekend in Austin (love love love that town) with my bestie from Madison, WI. WIN!
7. Entered the NYC lottery. Didn't get in.. probably a good thing w/ my injuries and the fact that the marathon was just two days ago and I was really thankful to NOT be running a marathon. Not a win.. not a fail.
8. Fail.. on my memories part anyway. No idea what that was!

So while I did spend a bit of time dwelling on the fact that I didn't - REALLY - accomplish my BIG goals (140.6 and BQ) and have said more than once - in a mocking tone - "2011 was really more the year of MEDIOCRE than it was the year of AWESOME." as it comes to a close 2011 was TOTALLY AWESOME! It was just awesome in surprising - and unplanned - ways.

I could go on and on and on and on about my experience with Rev3 this year and that alone makes this year one for the record books! I am beyond proud of myself, my team and the Rev3 crew for everything that has gone into the racing season! This opportunity has been nothing short of amazing! I thank EVERYONE that had a part in my getting accepted. Thank you to all the 2010 team members that put in a word for me! I am touched and honored! I'm so thankful to Carole for telling me that Rev3 was looking for a local volunteer coordinator for the Quassy race and for LJ for hiring me. The Rev3 family for accepting me for open arms. MOST EPIC weekend I have had in a long time. And I got to do it again at SC. SERIOUSLY. Who has the most fantastic life ever... THIS girl!

I am working just enough to satiate my need to 'do something' ... and to provide me w/ fun money to buy things for my chosen addiction!!!

In just the last couple of months I have met some amazing people right in my own backyard... that means SO much to me!!! Tara of Mommy's a Runner is one such lady that I have only scratched the surface on.... she's gonna make me run trails I know it... and I love it! Crossfit is going well.. after a rough start... my mind is clearing and I see 2012 taking shape before my eyes.

My kids and husband are amazing and supportive of all of this craziness. My parents are always there to help. I ONLY lost power for a total of 2 weeks this year.. I mean come on .... lots of people live their whole lives w/o power and running potable water. Right? Okay ... I jest. That part was less than awesome... it was even less than mediocre.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that while 2011 wasn't AWESOME in the way I had defined it sure was even awesomer than it would have been had I ONLY accomplished the goals I set out to do. 2011 have much more depth than that.

Thank you to all who helped make it happen to include my great sponsors!!! Rev3/Team Trakkers, First Endurance (Kept the fire burning on all the long stuff!), TYR (that Cat5 Wetsuit made a HUGE difference in my OWS!), All3Sports (Your one stop tri shop! and the people there are awesomesauce!), Avia (Love my bolts!), SBR Sports Inc (OMG, Can't say enough about how much I love this product. I hate the chlorine.. hate it, but I didn't have to smell like a pool with this stuff!), Recovery Pump (kept the back to back workouts coming), Canari (my kit was alarmingly small at first, but surprisingly comfy to race in!)
The other highlight is that I feel like I have my mojo back!!! Let's do this thing 2012! What you got!?


  1. Sounds like you had an awesome year to me! :) I think the people you surrounded yourself with make it even more awesome. :)

  2. Love it! Life is way better in the Rev3 family.

    What are you going to tackle with your new mojo in 2012? I need ideas! Because I'm completely stuck. I've got no idea.

  3. Congrats on a great year!!
    You are awesome so OF COURSE your year is going to b e awesome too!!!

    Love all the good things you had to say about Rev 3/Trakkers--it's a dream of mine too (it's been on my list for a lonnnng time!)

    Can't wait to rock it in Quassy!!!

  4. What a great season!!!

  5. Love this post!!! Happy Happy Awesomeness!!! It was a year of unexpected happenings and you rolled with it beautifully and found the awesome in all if it, which BTW, is the TOTALLY awesome part!! Way to go girl!!

  6. Good for you that you have done listing the great things you have done this year. Maybe I should also do mine. By the way thanks for sharing. :D

  7. GREAT recap of the year and perspective on things! I think you indeed had an AWESOME year -- can't wait to see what 2012 brings!

  8. I think that #8 was something like, "Meet a cool couple from Atlanta." Done! Win!

    I'm referring to myself and Kacie, by the way, even though Jill and Alex are pretty rad, too. :-)

    I'm glad that you had such a good year, and I'm excited to see you next year at Quassy and at Cedar Point. At Knoxville, too??

  9. George... I think you are right. Definitely met some cool people from ATL!!!! :D Good luck locking down that race calendar leading into 2012! :)

    I'll be at Quassy for sure.. maybe Cedar Point. Probably not Knoxville.