Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ulman Cancer Fund - Team Fight

Frankly I'm embarrassed! Ulman Cancer Fund is the charity partner for Rev3 Triathlon... and I've never even talked about it. There's no Ulman Cancer Fund logo or Team Fight logo on my website. That is 100% UNCOOL! (well, there is now!)

I talked a big game this year about how I was going to fundraise for UCF because that's how I got started in this sport, but I just never 'got around to it'. I'm ashamed.

That is going to change in 2012! I do love the endurance thing, but it really hits home more and becomes about something more than myself when I have a bigger reason.

Did you know that cancer is the leading killer among 20-39 year olds?

As many of you know I have a long history of fundraising for another cancer organization - Team in Training/Leukemia and Lymphoma Society - and while I still believe in what they are doing I also believe in sharing the wealth! UFC targets a largely under served population of cancer victims.. and we are talking any and all cancers.

Young adults diagnosed with cancer today have a worse prognosis than those diagnosed 25 years ago? 

Examples of some of the programs they run include:
Support and networking groups
College Scholarships
Survivor networks
A speaker Bureau for cancer awareness
Patient Advocate/Navigator programs
Education and prevention programs

The UFC strives to empower young cancer victims and survivors. To teach them how to navigate the system and support them through their diagnosis and treatment!

Please go to this FB link and VOTE for UCF to get a piece of a $3million pie being given to chosen (aka voted for) charity organizations!!

Check out this amazing video!

Please check out Ulman Cancer Fund and expect to be hearing a lot more about them from me in 2012... and if you are 'on my list' be expecting your 'letter'... it's been a while so get that check book out!

If you are looking to gain a charity spot to a Rev3 event check out TEAM FIGHT and get the details on how to get there!


  1. I did this last year, and was glad I participated. I will be doing the same again for Rev 3 Cedar Point this year.

  2. LAURA! As a Program Manager at the Ulman Cancer Fund, I can't thank YOU enough for what you are doing for the cause. And as an expectant mom, thanks also for your kick-butt blog!

    Michelle Prieto - TEAM FIGHT Program Manager

  3. Thank you so much Michelle. Hoping to get things started soon! Let me know if you ever have any questions about the being a mom and getting the workouts done..I'm your girl! YOU CAN DO IT!!! Congrats!