Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Run, Run, Run and then how about we run some more...

Did you really think I was going to get through the winter months without lacing up the running shoes. I was naive enough to think it would happen... so if you believed me I don't blame you!

It's time for mama to put some mileage in. I've been talking to my friend Tara (who is an amazing kick ass ultra runner... who I don't even pretend to come close to in the athletically inclined department. She also kicks my ass in crossfit every time I go!!) and we are mixing things up a bit from the way I normally do them.. be it marathon training or tri training. This time I'm going to do 3 days on (easier pace), 2 days off, 1 day on (tempo / TT pace), 1 day off. I'll start at 3-5 miles per run and ramp up from there. The reasons behind the change will all come to fruition soon enough!!! Still working out some negotiations details.

I'll still be doing crossfit 3x a week and will teach spin 2x a week. (note ZERO swimming.. it will come.)

I've come to the conclusion that spinning HARD 2 - 3 times a week has basically TRASHED my legs (okay.. I've talked about this before so this is not new information) and I MUST stop doing that! It's time. I had a week off because of the snow storm and gosh my hamstrings felt a lot better... back on and my hamstrings are not right. Time for me to take it back a notch. No reason to destroy myself while teaching. Must write in sharpie on my arm... BIGGER GOALS. Not looking to be a kick ass spinner!!!

Today was the first day I held back... if it hurt I either eased up the tension or the effort... not my style, but I still got a workout!

It's interesting making all these little adjustments to things I'm doing and listening more to my body.

Where could you stand to LISTEN a little bit better!? We all have our thing that the body is trying to tell us and we are trying not to hear!


  1. Good blog for me to read today. I got sick on my mini-vaca and my body is saying sleep & rest, but my brain is saying "two days off, are you CRAZY?".

    I hope to see more about your Run program. I get too in my head while running and really need to work on zoning out so I can get to my mile/pace goal. And the dreaded treadmill season is before us, which does not help.

    Even while posting this comment I'm thinking- I should just go for a quick run. I might google- running with a cold and see what Google says. Is that wrong???

  2. If I have a head cold sometimes running helps get that mucus out! :)

    Dreadmill season.. what? You can run outside all year! :) ha ha

  3. YEAH for lacing up those shoes!! That is awesome.

    Heck yeah we run outside all winter.

  4. Way to go on listening to your body! Not an easy thing to do, especially holding back.