Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Since I posted my blog about the box jump along w/ many posts and photos on Facebook I've been getting some interesting.. and kind of surprising (to me) responses.

People are wondering / asking me why I am "doing this" to myself. In addition to the photos of the leg I posted one of the workouts I was walking into this a.m. I also posted a photo of the callouses that are forming on my hands. After just a week. I posted the callouses not because I was bummed about them or in pain. I was just surprised at how quickly they were forming. I'm actually kind of proud of them.

proof of the hard work I've been doing.
I had an unfortunate mishap. I wish I hadn't clobbered my leg on a box, but I did. Does that mean I quit? HELL NO! Does it mean Crossfit isn't for me!? NO!! It means I need to listen a bit more and think about my own personal abilities. I knew I was getting tired. I should have stopped trying to bounce right back up on that box. I should have rested at the bottom... tried again on the next round. Like today's workout where we did multiple sets of 20 push ups. (side note: pre-crossfit I have been doing push ups and usually maxed out at 12 'standard' push ups, but was asked to do 20 in this set... I did 20. Wouldn't have - HAVEN'T - pushed myself that hard on my own. THIS is one reason I do Crossfit!) I did 20 standard push ups on the first round. The second round I physically COULD NOT do 20 so I did as many as I could standard then dropped to my knees. Not until my arms would NOT lift my body. I knew my legs were tired and getting to the point where they couldn't rebound that fast and lift me to the top of that box... I should have "dropped to my knees" by stopping at the bottom to rest before jumping again. Now I know. You have to push beyond your limits, but KNOW when you have hit your max! Only YOU know!

I am doing Crossfit to push myself. To have break throughs. To share in the struggle and accomplishment with like minded individuals. To inspire others to push themselves beyond what they think they can do. To show that it CAN be done! To get stronger. To mix things up. To connect with people. To connect with myself. To fix problems I have created by doing the EXACT SAME movements over and over and over again thus creating imbalances and leading myself straight to multiple injuries. To mix things up. To be a BAD ASS!

Will I jump on a box again!? Hell YES! Maybe not today.. or tomorrow ... or the next week, but yes I will. Next time I'll be smarter and more cautious, but I'll get there. I got back on my bike after my wreck.

I'm really surprised that people are acting like they doubt my decision or dedication to seeing this through. 1. these people know me, 2. many of them are athletes as well.. that do extreme things themselves, 3. are we not to encourage each other to move through adversity?

Anyway. It matters not. I will continue. I will push. I will learn. I will get stronger. I will have fun. I will reach my goals. And it will be hard sometimes, fun others, but in the end it will all be worth it... except that there really is no end. It just evolves.

I hope to share this feeling with many others... particularly women who think "I could never do that" ... I'm here to tell you that that is 100% bullshit! You might not be able to do 'that' RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT, but if you dedicate yourself to it... open the door and focus... you can break through those barriers.

This type of work is largely physical, but there is a huge HUGE mental aspect. You walk up to that pull up bar thinking... "I can't... there is no way I can do THAT many pull ups even WITH that band thingy!"... then you climb up on that box.. you put your foot in that band... you grab that bar... and with a little help from your friends you dig deep.. you might grunt... you might scream... you WILL hurt, but YOU WILL get it done! And afterward.... afterward you will feel AMAZING!

What are your mental barriers!? What are you telling yourself you CAN NOT do!? Step up to that 'bar' grab hold of it... and push through! I BET YOU CAN!

Today's workout:
FIVE rounds for time
200 meter run
20 pullups
200 meter run
20 push ups
200 meter run
20 sit ups
200 meter run
20 air squats....

I'm not gonna lie. I thought I can't before this workout, but you better be damn sure I DID! And I'm proud!


  1. I'm proud of you Laura! Great job and I hope we can continue to push and motivate each other. As soon as I tried Crossfit I knew you'd love it, too :o) It's funny how training the way I did, I thought that I was "strong" and then that first wod brought me to my knees :o) I love the people at my box, too, and we are so supportive and encouraging of each other. From the beginner to a games competitor, we are all alike and seek the same things.

    I was surprised when I started Crossfit how much negativity I received about doing it, too. I got tons of comments, from people asking me "why" to people telling me that squats were bad and then to people just telling me straight up to stop talking about it. To that I say, ignore them. There is a personal reason they are trying to knock it (and might I add, most people who are negative about it have NEVER tried it...EVER!) and it has nothing to do with YOU but everything to do with them feeling inferior in some way.

    So work it girl, and do what you do! I can't wait to see how you progress on this journey! And you will have some bad days (we all do) where you feel like you suck and why can't you get this movement down, but you keep working at it, and it's hard not to want to be better with everyone pushing you and encouraging you.

    So...I'm a voice of encouragement, you can always count on me. I am your friend, and will cheer you on in any endeavor you choose to take on, be it triathlon or crossfit.

  2. I think pushing yourself is so important. You are right... it's not easy to get out of the comfort level on your own and cross fit sounds like it's challenging you in so many ways. What wrong can come from that?

    Girl, I'm uber impressed with what you are doing and don't think you owe anyone an explanation. You are doing this because you are a badass and can. Plain and simple!

    Keep up the great work!

  3. I'm so inspired by you and I should really think that way!!! This applies to life in general!

  4. Thank you EVERYONE!!!

    Thank you Liz... a new follower! YeaH! I'm so glad to be inspiring! Yes, this can carry over into life... I"m still working on that part, but I see this approach getting me there faster... daily I face 'that bar'....

  5. I don't get why you got push back on cross fit after the injury and calluses.

    Apparently if someone asked those people "Do you want to be more awesome than you were yesterday?"

    They'd say. "Nah. I'm good"

  6. Jamie.. Love that! :)

  7. I use to get callouses on my hand like that when I did a lot of weight training back in college and graduate school. I like to think I am a little more refined now—haha!

    Sounds like some pretty hardcore training already. Keep rocking it homeslice!

  8. Great plans! I do salute you for achieving this kind of goals.