Friday, October 21, 2011

THIS GUY knocks my socks off! 30 x 140.6 in ONE year = WOW, REALLY?

James Lawrence (aka the ironcowboy at Tri And Give A Dam... aka the guy who set the world record in 70.3s in a year by completing 22 this year and is now looking to do 30 full (140.6) tris in 2012.) doesn't seem to believe in the word 'off season'... not this year anyway. Hmm.. maybe he'll take a bit of time off!

He is raising funds for Quiet Way (Ensuring sustainable access to clean water for children and families in Kenya.) while he trains his butt off ... I mean seriously... who does 30 triathlons in a year, period. Let alone 30 at 140.6 miles a pop! Did I mention dude has 5 kids. YEP! FIVE! I think I need to get Mr. Man on the horn for an interview as to how in the world you get all that done. Oh... he's got a day job too. Really? Raise your hand if you feel like a slacker! :)

Jenn Small of Miles Muscles and Mommyhood did a great interview with James already. And while you are over there you should check out HER story because she's pretty damn awesome too! :) All these awesome people in the world. Aren't we so lucky to have the internet and blogs so we can 'meet' all these cool interesting motivating people we might not otherwise have been able to 'know'.

Go LIKE him on Facebook!!! He's aiming for 15,000 likes and is just shy of 1,500 right now! Help a brotha out!

Here are the many ways you can track down Mr. Ironcowboy. Follow his progress, make a donation, give him some encouragement and SERIOUS props. I mean REALLY!? :D!/Ironcowboy!/TriAndGiveADam


  1. Aw :) thank you SO much for sharing this story. I am so proud of James and what he is taking on in 2012...amazing.
    Just wish there were more Rev 3 races on that schedule. Oh yeah, I'll go there in the follow up interview!! :)
    If you want his contact info please msg me and I"ll make sure to get you hooked up with James.
    and thanks for the shout out. it's been an amazing journey.

  2. Unreal!!! Thanks for sharing (and making me feel like a total slacker too ha ha) :D

  3. What an amazing story really. That guy just amazes me!