Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Box Jump FAIL!

I got in a fight w/ a 20" wood box yesterday. I lost. Apparently it did not appreciate me jumping on it.  So it bit me!

See that dark red part on the right.. there is a hole and bone right under that blood. NICE!

Seriously. I was doing box jumps in a new way. Normally I would rest on the ground then jump up and spring back down. This time I was attempting to rest at the top jump down and spring back up. Yes, I was at Crossfit.... I knew I was getting tired. I was at about Rep 23 of 30 when I stumbled a bit. That was my tell. My body saying... "hey, Wanna be badass... you aren't there yet. You did your 22 reps the cool way now it's time to take it down a notch and be human." Did I listen, Um, no. You know that is not my way. I was told THIS was the way to do it. Damn it .... we are doing this. Well my legs did not agree. They got their way!

I hit that edge of the box with my full weight and split it right open. It was one of those things where you just know. I instinctively reached down and put pressure on it. I saw a bit of blood when I did this, but didn't take too much time to inspect the wound. I stood there a minute all bent over and thinking I was going to be okay and get back at it. You know how it goes though. When it's bad you stop a minute... the nausea sets in and the brain just KNOWS it ain't right chica. Have a seat ... you are done for the day.

I felt really bad for Lou and Austin... I could tell they were bummed for me... and concerned. As I hobbled over to a chair a woman named, Carole, came in and I said, "don't look at my leg... it's nasty." She said, "oh I used to be an EMT don't worry about it!" Oh really Carole.. in that case. PLEASE look at my leg and tell me what to do. I hadn't seen it yet. She looked at it and said I needed to have it looked at then graciously offered to drive my sorry butt to the ER. Thank you a million times over Carole! I truly appreciate your kindness for a complete stranger. She drove me over and Austin followed w/ my car. He went above and beyond and I appreciate it. Was a true lifesaver. If he hadn't done that I would have been stranded and would never have made it to Lily's field trip!

I got right into the ER .... sat for a bit, but got stitched up and out of there just in time to make it to Lily's field trip only a few minutes late!

7 stitches later

looks like a compression sleeve right? :D
Every time I think about the 'incident' I about want to hurl. Bone on wood is no bueno! I am actually pretty lucky... despite the bone exposing hole. I didn't damage any muscle. My leg is fully functional really w/ only a tiny bit of 'bruise' like pain. I finished the workout at the gym.... minus the box jumps and then taught spin. Everyone thought I was crazy, but really it was fine. I sat on the couch and iced for a bit... when I got up to go to bed... NOT fine. OMG that hurt. I took some advil and went to bed thinking it was going to be a long night. Wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be... and I might just have trained myself to sleep on my back again. Silver lining? When I got up this a.m... virtually no pain... did a modified workout this a.m. and taught spin again and it was fine. I'm shocked. Of course standing and moving around is better than sitting.

I'll be back at Crossfit tomorrow... but I probably won't be jumping on boxes again for a bit.... and when I do (bc I WILL) I will take my time and remind myself that I am just getting started w/ this and it's okay to NOT be able to do it EXACTLY right the first couple of times!

In comparison to the bike crash... in the moment and first couple of hours this was scarier and a bit more painful, but so far long term it seems a bit easier.

What's your worst injury... did you bounce right back or take some time off?


  1. I am glad it wasn't that bad!!! It does seem like something I would do

  2. Yikes Laura. My one experience with boxes ended pretty similarly in HS, except I just had a big ass bone bruise on my shin. No exposed bone.

    Hope your fast healing keeps up!

  3. Oh no!! Everybody has been getting hurt this month! Hope your leg heals up fast - way to be bad ass and keeping up your spin classes. I've tried doing those box jump things for cross fit, but I'm too uncoordinated. I can never get my feet to land at the same time, so I just look goofy...

  4. Every time I look at that, I kind of cringe. :) It just looks so painful!!!