Saturday, October 01, 2011

Super exciting Changes at Rev3 Cedar Point

This blog is like the REv3 show lately huh? Sorry. Life has been super busy lately... to include prepping to go and work at the Rev3 South Carolina race! Yes, I drink the Kool Aid!

Rev3 has made some really exciting changes at the Cedar Point race (that I know ALL of you will hope come to the other Rev3 races!!)

They are adding both a sprint and a kids tri!! How exciting is that!? Taking the 'family friendly' aspect to a whole new level! The Sprint Rev will be for athletes 14 and up. It will be a half mile swim, 14 mile bike, and a 3 mile run. The kids triathlon will be for kids 7-10 who will be doing a quarter of a mile swim, two mile bike, and a quarter of a mile run. Kids 11-14 will do a one hundred and fifty swim, four mile bike, and a mile and a half run

AND with that big announcement!!! REGISTRATION IS OPEN!! And they are offering EARLY BIRD PRICING!

Early Bird Prices for Cedar Point:

Full: $425 until November 1st
Full Aquabike: $410 until November 1st
Full Relay: $474 until November 1st

Half (prices will go up by $50 on October 8th):
Half: $210 until October 8th
Half Aquabike: $250 until October 8th
Half Relay: $260 until October 8th

Click right ====> HERE to register!

So GET ON IT! 2012 is going to be ROCKIN' at Cedar Point in September!!


  1. I love that they've added kids to the mix. My daughter is 7, though, and she's done a few tris and feels the little kid distance is too short for her now. She's going to be ticked she has to wait 4 years to bump up to the next level :-(

  2. Anonymous8:11 PM

    That swim seems kind of long for the 7 year olds, but I agree with Julie that especially the bike and somewhat the run could be a little longer. My 7 year old did her first kids' race this summer and LOVED it. Glad to see Rev3 embracing nurturing future triathletes (and recognizing that some of us just aren't capable of the longer distance yet).