Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nuun ALL female, ALL blogger Hood to Coast Relay Team

Nuun is putting together a relay team for the famed (and very hard to get into) Hood To Coast Relay Team and I WANT IN! IWANNARUN!!!!!

You have to be female, you have to have a blog and you have to apply! I AM ALL OVER THAT!

Why? Why should I be chosen? Well, let me just tell you.

1. I am FEMALE

2. I have a BLOG

That really is enough to fulfill the requirement, but wait there is more!

3. I tried to get into the HTC relay years ago and didn't make the cut.

4. Through much soul searching I have found that I have both a strong desire and need to spend copious amounts of time with lady friends.. which, unfortunately, are not lining up at my door here in good ol' CT. I'm lonely and bored and would LOVE LOVE LOVE nothing more than a weekend running in the woods w/ a group of strong wonderful athletic ladies!

5. My main goal with this blog is to inspire women to take charge of their life and health by showing them that I am just a normal woman gettin it done and THEY CAN TOO! What a better way to show them than to join a group of like minded women for a romp in the woods?

6. Though I am not originally FROM the PNW I lived their for many years and consider it to be HOME! I am in major withdrawals and would totally dig the opportunity to make a trip back there!

7. I am new to Nuun, but I LOVE it! Slight carbonation, slight flavor, long lasting results!

8. My parents will be here for the summer so I've already got coverage for my kids and no conflicts that weekend!

9. I totally rock!

10. and darn it people like me!

11. I NEVER EVER win anything!

12. I need a good excuse to purchase a pair of trail running shoes!

13. There are a lot of woods around these parts (CT) for me to train on, but I never seem to manage to get there... this would MAKE ME!

14. I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off and I need a break from all that is 'life'... a weekend in the woods sounds PERFECT for that! And running too.. wow talk about icing on the cake!

15. I have a great sense of humor and when I'm tired I get even funnier... or maybe I'm just tired so I think I'm funnier.

16. I talk enough, but not too much!

17. I'm a mother by nature so I like to help.. carry people's stuff, apply band aids and ice packs, fill water bottles w/ nuun tablets and water for the others in my van, fluff pillows and the like!

So PICK ME, PICK ME, PICK ME!!!! Please, Oh, Please pick me!

Don't worry oh blog fans .. I won't ask you to place votes for me. Nuun will choose, but if you wanted to post a comment about how awesome I am and any other reasons why you think I should be chosen that sure would be sweet of you!!!


  1. you my friend freaking rock.

    Nuun you want Laura.
    Trust me you do.

    She is awesomeness - at evey level.

  2. You ARE awesome, for all of the above reasons and more. You are an inspiration to many and we love you for who you are, and what you do. Miss you mama!

  3. Pick Laura!!!! She would be a perfect addition to what sounds like would be an awesome hood to coast team. She is as cool as she says she is. :-) She's a very dedicated athlete/runner, and I would love to get her back out to the PNW, if only for a little while! Oh, and my whole family loves Nuun! My kids and I discovered it at the Hippie Chick expo and use it almost every day. Thank you!!!

  4. I'm totally thinking about putting in an entry - out of all the relay races to do, this one is top of list. Wouldn't it be rad if we BOTH got on the team?! Good luck girlie!

  5. Good luck! I hope you get picked!

  6. Awww thanks everyone! :)

    Megan.. that would be awesome sauce!

  7. Best of luck Laura!!!

  8. I thought I posted....I meant to say you DO totally rock and good luck. See you Friday!

  9. Who better to give a testimonial than the girl who rode with you for 8.5 hours a mere 5 minutes after we met? Laura is awesome. She is fit, lives a very healthy lifestyle, is an amazing Mom, and a great friend. She would be awesome for this team! (I am totally envious, but my body could never do this). You go girl!

  10. You would be awesome!! I'd pick you if it were up to me:)

  11. PICK HER PICK HER!! And then you need some AVI Stoltz. They seriously rock!

  12. Yay! You should totally get picked... you kick ass! :)

  13. Noelle5:22 PM

    Ok, first I'm jealous....this sounds totally awesome! And I can't believe you don't own a pair of trail shoes. If you want to go run in the woods, let me know. I love running in the woods.

    But, really, pick Laura for the team! She is a really encouraging and positive person.

  14. Good luck! I hope you get picked :)

  15. yay! I'm applying too :) Would be so fun to meet you in person - fingers toes, and shoe laces crossed that we get picked!

  16. good luck! would love to be on the team with you