Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Perspective: The first tri of the season is HERE!

I've gotten a heavy dose of perspective over the last couple of weeks.

I'm coming up on my first triathlon of the season - as a sponsored athlete!!! - and I've never felt less prepared to race. I feel unprepared physically (I know I'm fit enough to complete the race, but I have major knee / calf issues right now and my taper has basically been TWO work outs over the last couple of weeks and those likely would not have happened if it wasn't my job) and mentally (my mind is elsewhere).

My Great Uncle has been living in Manhattan for the last 60 some years. He is almost 90 and has gotten to the point where he can no longer live on his own. I've been going into the city quite a bit to help with his transition from living in a small apartment off Central Park to an assisted living place here in Newtown, CT. It's been mentally and physically taxing and has taken ALL FOCUS off triathlon and my up coming race at Rev3 Knoxville.

I've really enjoyed spending the time with both my Great Uncle and my dad. Dad and I have been taking adventures into the city on the train and subway and it's been fun to spend that time with him. I'm very excited to have my Great Uncle living close by now so that we can go and visit him and help him when he needs it.

Needless to say I haven't had a lot of extra brain power or energy to worry too much about how I'm going to get to Knoxville (though the details are all worked out), meeting my team for the first time or the race. I'm excited to have a nice road trip with a new team mate and to meet everyone. I'm nervous about the swim (first open water, first in my TYR hurricane Cat 5 wetsuit), bike (first ride on my tri bike since last year), and the run (on my crappy knee). I'm actually considering two options 1. Planned DNF just dropping out after the bike, 2. WALKING the run.

I'm thinking the first option is probably my best. I KNOW myself well enough to know that I'm not too keen on walking in a race and that I would push it and possibly make my knee worse before I even got started with the season. My knee has also been bothering me a lot just with the walking around NYC so walking for 6 miles probably isn't a great option. THIS part sucks. I don't love the idea of a DNF. BOO!

But really this whole thing with my Uncle has given me so much perspective. This triathlon thing (for me) is about fun and the ability to be ABLE to get out there do it. My favorite part of triathlon is definitely the social fun aspect of it... and mostly the training to be honest! I am so lucky to be healthy and part of a family that gets my need and desire to lead a fit and healthy life... thus accomodating my 'schedule'... and FAMILY will always come before triathlon.

So whatever I end up doing at Knoxville is A-OKAY and I need to remember what I've been able to put into my training... the crap my body seems to feel the need to throw back at me... my glute/hammy problem and now my knee/calf. It is what it is and I'm LUCKY to be able to roll to Knoxville AS A SPONSORED athlete to meet my team and spend the weekend geeking out over swim, bike, run.

Let's do this thing! Can't wait to meet the team and CHEER for the runners and at the finish! Go TEAM TRAKKERS!!!!

What's your NUMBER 1 reason you love YOUR sport of choice!? What do you prefer... the training or the racing?


  1. You have a lot on your plate this season - a DNF now could mean you actually get to finish those. There is ALWAYS another day, and another race. Do what is best for YOU!!

    So nice what you are doing to help out with your great uncle, and what precious time you are getting to spend with your dad! Treasure this time, even though it is stressful!

    Wish I was gonna meet up with you in Knox, but it will have to wait until CP. Have fun this weekend!!!

  2. Maybe you could switch to the aquabike, if there is a category of that? (I think there was last year.)

  3. Anonymous8:13 AM

    I had a similiar situation last season.On July 3, I tore my soleus in 3 places on a long bike ride I did on the beach. It was at the very end, so I was probably dehydrated at that point and I tore it trying to pedal through a deep sandy section.Stupid on my part.It took 12 weeks of PT to come back. I had to miss a few races that I had paid for(Lost $$). I had signed up for The Mighty Hamptons and at that point I got clearance from my Dr & Coach Hirsch to do the swim & Bike,but NO RUN. It was hard to participate in the race knowing I was going to DNF but I tried to make the best of it.I figured I could certainly use the open water swim experience, and I would just make a game of passing as many people as possible on the bike.Passing all the hardcore Tri guys on their aero bikes with my road bike was loads of fun!(BTW, I just got my 1st tri bike last week,now I'm hardcore). When I got into T2 it was tough not to put on the shoes and run but I was thinking "Big Picture, STUPID". Dont blow up the big race which was 6 weeks away. Hirsch said to leave my running shoes in the car so I wouldnt be tempted but I left them right on my towel in T2 and tested my discipline. No problem. I just took my time and packed up my gear and went home.I knew even just doing the swim & bike were going to help me on my upcoming first Half IM.
    So I vote for you going and doing the swim/bike and taking a DNF. Try to enjoy just being out there and then go cheer your team on.
    Remember, BIG PICTURE!! The season is just starting, dont blow it up before it even starts..
    just my 2cents,
    Ceco911_ Augie

  4. I prefer the training - the camaradarie of my team - knowing we are all getting up at 5am on a Saturday to get in a long ride or run or both. Enjoying the team aspect and knowing we are doing something for the good of ourselves and our favorite charity. Training is where it's at!
    Maybe if I would do better in my races, I might change my p.o.v. :D

  5. Anonymous3:45 PM

    Proud of you Laura!!!! Thanks for helping Uncle Everett!!!! I'm sure he enjoyed hanging out with you too =)

  6. thanks for the feedback guys... I agree ceco.. a swim/ride is at least a solid workout right. :)

  7. Anonymous11:35 PM


    You are a gifted athlete and often times when your expectations are low, you end up having a great race. Don't sell yourself short. Wake up and race and see what the day brings. What ever is given to you that day, take it and appreciate it. We are fortunate enough to be physically able to participate in this sport. You will have a wonderful experience I am sure!!