Monday, June 06, 2011

Rev3 Quassy - the MOST Amazing experience!

I had the BEST weekend I can remember having in a LOONNGG time. I had the pleasure of working for Rev3 as the Local Volunteer Coordinator. I've been helping them for months to find volunteers and the Volunteer Coordinator, LJ White, is amazing. Many months ago I had to ask her if she does this job for all the Rev3 races because she was always so bubbly and fun. I couldn't imagine that she could possibly be doing it for all the races because surely if she did she would be a complete and total stress case. When she confirmed that she does indeed do them all she stated that she just loves it so why should she be stressed.

This must be the secret to Rev3s success. EVERY single person that I met throughout race weekend seemed to share this sentiment and attitude. Their jobs are HARD don't get me wrong, but every single one of them both loves their job AND their boss. I didn't even know that that was possible. I mean really? Who loves their job AND their boss AND their team!

If you are considering Racing with Rev3 or Volunteering with Rev3 this year or in the future you truly could not pick a better race (any of them) to race. You WILL experience the race of a lifetime. You WILL feel like a rock star athlete. You WILL get to race with the pros (okay not 'with' them, but you know), you WILL race a beautiful AND challenging course, you WILL be able to share the experience with your family, AND you WILL be supporting an truly amazing team of people!

You in!? Okay, Great... here is the link to get your self all set up to race with and/or volunteer with the best races out there!

While you are at it hook up with them on Facebook to see all the feedback about races and get links to the videos from the races.

And hey, why not follow them on twitter too!?

Note: Yes I do realize that I could be biased since I race with Team Trakkers which is affiliated with Rev3, but believe you me what Rev3 does for Team Trakkers is just the tip of the iceberg. This post comes solely from my experience behind the scenes and has nothing to do w/ my Trakkers affiliation. Had I never worked for Rev3 I wouldn't truly grasp how awesome they are!


  1. Was so much fun to meet you and volunteer this weekend. Thanks for everything (including the place to stay, of course!) ...

    See you soon!!

  2. All the reports from Quassy are glowing! Can't wait to get my Rev3 on at Cedar Point!

  3. So glad you had a good weekend! Missed seeing everyone out there!

  4. It was an awesome weekend!

  5. YOU are a part of the reason that the race was so great!!! Thank you for everything IN and the and OUT of it (at your home!!!)

  6. HEY - so great to meet you. Totally agree, Rev3 is awesome.

  7. You are a total rock star this weekend! I have no idea how you were still standing on Sunday evening! The Rev3 team is a stand out group of individuals creating one of the best teams around. The race was flawless! Thanks for helping out!! Great to see you again!

  8. Laura, I am right there with you. Quassay was just an unbelievably positive experience. I met so many people willing to go the extra mile to make this a great race and family experience.

    Thanks for everything you did!