Thursday, May 12, 2011

New Milford Sports Club Tri Program

Last night was the second session I was able to attend for the tri program my buddy Scott and I are leading at the New Milford Sports Club. It was their second swim session.

There are six people in this group and I have to say they are stoking the triathlon fire in me. The fire always burns in me, but it has gotten a bit dim over the last couple of weeks. I've been so busy with my Great Uncle and life and this blasted knee thing (I'm making an appt with the ART guy TODAY) that I've not been so enthused about triathlon lately.... but meeting this group and spending time with them as they enter into triathlon or look to tune up their game has reminded me why I love this sport so much and THAT I love this sport! So THANK YOU!

Watching them in the water last night was amazing! (I was surprised to feel the desire to get in and swim with them.) They improved in just the hour that we worked with them. I have to say it is hard to not overwhelm people in the pool. I remember all too well what it was like when I first tackled this swimming thing. How overwhelmed and defeated I would feel after some practices. I DO NOT want these athletes to feel that way - though I know I won't be able to avoid it... it comes with the territory. Scott gave them some basics on the first day on Monday and gave them a lot of information to think about just to give them a base understanding of how everything was going to go down then last night we gave them one task to work on. Focus on this one thing... then make it comfortable.. then move on.

The improvements were amazing!

This process is continuing to give me insight and perspective as I think of myself as an athlete and the self talk that I (come on you know YOU do to) give myself... sometimes it's positive, but mostly it's not. I tell them to keep a positive attitude, to keep it light, to focus on just the one thing and that they should be proud of their effort and improvements yet I do not do this myself.

Am I really talking about this AGAIN!? Seems we all need a reminder to think positively about ourselves.

So I will be taking my own advice (and I'm sure I'll need to hear it again) to go easy on myself and focus on the positives of it all. Afterall ... tis why I am here doing this. Amazing how teaching someone else really teaches you too!

Thanks again guys for all your hard work thusfar.... looking forward to our next session!

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