Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Snow in CT...


Snow in CT sure is different than snow in Madison... besides just the obvious difference in sheer volume. The snow here is wetter. It snows, then warms and rains. I hear ice is the big problem here. Not so much in the deep freeze temps of Wisconsin. I'm also not so confident in the road clearing prowess of the CT team as I was in the WI team. Not to mention it's uh, flat in Wi. It's curvy and hilly here.

Shoveling this snow is harder... despite the lack of volume. It's freakin' heavy. Good thing we got a slammin' snow blower in the house deal... though we haven't yet needed to fire it up. Maybe today.

The big question today is do we continue on w/ our shopping plans or bag em b/c we don't know what the roads are like? In Wi I never would have changed my plans over this amount of snow. This certainly adds another layer to outdoor running. Passing a car on the road is one thing ... passing a snow plow w/ his blade down is another entirely. Takes the splash of the puddle to a whole new level. Okay imagining someone (not me) running along and getting a 'shower' of snow from the snow plow actually made me chuckle a bit! Guess I'm off to the gym today and am REALLY REALLY hoping I can run long (20 miles) on the road on Saturday... Training for a winter marathon takes some tenacity in these parts. Good luck to my Wi training partners.. ugh.


  1. Hang in there. Shoveling is probably great cross-training too. It seems so early for you be doing a 20-miler, but I guess it is mid-Dec. You're going to really appreciate the winter marathon training come spring when your ready to rock as soon as the weather gets nice.

    I did 2 (yes TWO) miles on the treadmill last night and thought I was going to die. Switched to the elliptical for a bit -- not much better. Working out at 10k feet is a whole new ball game. I miss oxygen.

  2. The woman who won the olympic marathon a few years ago was from AK. She did most of her training on a treadmill...Please be careful if you have to run outside and it's awful.

    Online shopping!! Did you have snow tires?

  3. I did run 14 miles on the treadmill when we first moved here... don't know if I could do 20. If I have to I have to. You just have to break it up I guess. :D

    Gena.. I'm mixing it up this time and doing two 20 milers.. see how that treats me. :D Though I'm really doing three I guess since I did 19 last weekend. And I hope you are right about appreciating it come spring. I'm planning on getting back in the pool next month... gotta get that half done ya know? I can't imagine the adjustment to altitude!!!! Love your new neighborhood and look forward to more updates.