Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Virtual Hug

I just wanted to hop on here quickly to document the Virtual Hug. On the drive down Jason constantly wanted me to hug him... while I was driving. So I started the Virtual Hug. I would cross my hands and make a 'hug' sound. The first time he requested a virtual hug it took me a while to figure out what he was saying, but now he and Lily both ask for virtual hugs while we are driving.

Okay, must go. Lily is at the bottom of the stairs saying, "mommy kiss" so I better go. They were up again last night for an hour... when oh when does that end?


  1. karen p1:07 AM

    i love the virtual hug! The sleep thing really is so hard. when does it end? the books are all so very misleading...by 6 months they can sleep through the night. RIGHT. what the books don't say is that by 6 months they DON'T sleep through the night even though they can! Maybe by 3? you're over half way there!!! x2 and you're even closer? or further? tell me when you get the answer anyway!

  2. Cute! Hope you are enjoying warm, sunny Texas!