Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sleep update

Just wanted to give a quick sleep update... in hopes that I don't jinx myself. We have had a MUCH easier time.. who is WE? I guess I have had a much easier time of getting them down. Tom is still in Asia.. though he is probably enroute to Madison as I type this. Good luck on your trip Tom... it's a long one folks.

Jason and Lily have both gone down rather easily and have been sleeping through the night for the last two nights. Thank you Super Nanny! They are napping a bit later in the day and are going to bed around 7pm now instead of 6pm. This will be great when we get home... we've been eating dinner together - which I love - and they will be able to hang w/ daddy for a while w/out him having to haul ass to get home. Tonight Papa took them for a bike ride while I fixed dinner... it was SO nice!

They are growing by leaps and bounds... both physically and mentally. Their vocabulary is amazing and they are remembering things now... Like chucking their (his) Crocks out of the bike trailer for them to never be seen again. Lily was putting on her "Croc shoes" and Jason wanted to put his on and Grandma said, "your croc shoes are gone" and Jason said, "throw away". It's amazing to me that they are remembering things and understanding them. You expect these things to be gradual, but they seem to happen over night.

That's all I got right now. I've (and by "I" I mean dad) finally finished the taxes for the Green Girls, LLc and I'm much relieved... Now I just need to make sure I stay on top of it more this year... and YOU PEOPLE need to go to and BUY SOME FREAKIN' BAGS!!!! RIGHT NOW! ha :) We got new designs.. both for adult and for KIDS... they are great! We were selling like hot cakes on Amazon, but recently found out that that is a no no so we are back to just selling on the site and are rethinking some things regarding store front vs tell all your friends about our amazingly cool and ENVIRONMENTALLY friendly bags! Shameless plug over.

Training is still going well... had to juggle some things this week and I've only been in the water once ... not a good place for me to slack... but it's proving more difficult to get in the water... I currently have no access to a pool and apparently Texans think it's still too cold to swim outside or something. I've been riding outside and I've got to say it feels amazing ... I went to a spin class last night and about wanted to slit my wrists b/c I was SO BORED! How did I do this all winter? I'll be back in the gym when I get back so I'll be a bit depressed until the end of April. Well I can run outside, but riding is just ... well... not that same indoors.

Still eating vegan and mostly raw and feeling amazing! I do eat quite a bit, but who cares... I burned 800 calories today! Loving my green smoothies and my big salads. I swear the more greens you eat the more you crave. I love to have my enormous salad in the evening.

Enough about me..... gotta go check up on my blogs.


  1. Sounds like things are looking up for you! Yeah!

  2. Yeah, we are going (mostly) vegan as a family - after reading The China Study, Disease Proof your Child, and Eat to Live, how could you not??? Definitely incorporating raw into my diet as well in the form of green smoothies and big gut is STILL adjusting though, that takes time.

    Yes BUY OUR BAGS! The new designs are awesome, and they are great bags. Everyone will love them! :-)

    Awesome about the kids' development. It is SO fun to watch them grow and learn!

  3. Yeah Karen.. yes it takes the gut a bit to adjust... go slowly. :) I'm proud of you! I don't miss any of the dairy / meat things I used to eat at all...

    If you haven't read the books Karen mentioned you need to get on it... if not for you for your kiddos.