Friday, March 21, 2008

snow again, Tom's on his way home and training

Tom is on his way home right now. He'll be returning to Madison to almost a foot of snow... GEEZ! Happy first day of spring! I feel bad for him having to come home from a long trip and have to shovel copious amounts of snow. It is forecasted that it will snow again later in the week... joy. Spring, eh? Based on last year's photos it will be snowing early in the month and we'll be wearing short sleeves by the end of the month.

Today I was scheduled to run 40 mins so we headed out ... Jason and Lily in the bike trailer with dad and me running... on our normal route. I finished the short (4.3mile) route in 33 mins while I normally finish it in 38 mins so I kept going. I ended up running 5.5 miles in 41 mins.. thats 7.5 mins/mile. WHAT THE!!!!?? How the hell did I do that? That's just crazy! I've NEVER EVER run more than a mile that fast. I can't believe it. According to my watch my heart rate maxed at around 189... though I never saw it more than 164 when I was tracking it during my run... and it was only above 160 for 14 mins of the run. Anyway. I felt that I was pushing myself, but not 7.5 min/mile pushing myself. WOW! I'm pretty surprised that I was running that fast.

Tomorrow is a 2 hour bike ride then a 1 hour run on Sunday. Andy, if you even read this thing, don't worry I'll keep my heart rate down around 155 for the long stuff. :)

One more week in Texas then I'm back in the gym. BOO HOO!


  1. Awesome! Great job!

  2. Super-duper! The hard work is paying off!