Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pictures pictures pictures

I'm still trying to load pics... and my time is running out. I need to get back b/c the kids are going to be up soon.

On the sleep thing... took over 30 mins to get J down last night.. then he woke at 11:30pm again and we played super nanny for an hour again. I thought I was going to die I was tired. He woke AGAIN at 5:45 am and came to my bed. I figured I had at most 30 mins till Lily woke up so I put him in bed w/ me. I rolled over w/ my back to him b/c he was kicking me and I fell asleep (I mentioned that I was tired right) I woke up and didn't feel him laying against me and thought, "oh shit, WHERE is he." I sat up and looked over he was laying ON my pillow.. his whole body. I was on the very edge of it and his head was up against mine. We slept until 8am. THANK YOU SLEEPING GODS!!!! I needed that.

CRAP... now I can't get the stupid photobucket thing to work... first the videos now the images. CRAP. What does everyone else use? I'm about done w/ Photobucket.

Must go home.. will have to try again another time. This is crap!


  1. I just upload them right from my computer's hard drive for the photos. I use Google video for the videos.

    Glad you got some sleep last night. I bet we were up at the same time. We had a rough night too. :(

  2. Good job on the sleep issues! Keep it up- you will get to a point where bedtime is a breeze... well, not a breeze but much easier than the fights and crying!