Thursday, March 06, 2008

Language and escaping....

Oh my god the kid's language has EXPLODED! Jason is talking like he's five years old.. he'll repeat anything and everything, but also uses things in context. I was carrying him today and I tripped and he said, "careful mommy." How do kids do this.. just amazing! Lily is also talking in sentences now too... her quick transformation from non-talker to talker is amazing! They are both requesting songs in the car and underdogs at the play ground. Jason is looking even more like a boy now complete w/ scrapes and bruises from climbing, running and falling. :)

We got them some sunglasses (to go w/ their crocks.. ha) the other day and they both actually like to wear them. Lily likes to wear them on her head like mommy when she doesn't need them. I have pics on my camera, but rushed out the door w/o it when I left to come to the coffee shop.

Also on the language front Papa is working hard to teach them SHIT. Not on purpose (I assume), but by accidentally saying it... A LOT! Even when he's speaking directly to them. At least now I can blame all bad language that comes out of their mouth on their grandfather instead of myself!

So Jason now knows how to get out of the pack n play. PLEASE if you have advice as to what to do about this let me know. I'm in TROUBLE. He did it in the hotel one night, but I thought he was only able to do it b/c he could reach the bed spread on the bed, but today when we put him down for his nap we heard a thud (I thought it was a water cup or book) then heard 'Mama hug" and it sounded a bit closer / clearer than it would from behind a door in a crib. I went running up there and he was standing in the doorway of the office (which is NOT baby proofed). At least he stayed in the office right? I tried sitting in the room w/ them, but they just stared screwing around and talking to me so I left the room and not a minute later I heard, "mama hug" again, but his time w/o the thud so now he can get out w/o injury so I'm sure he will continue to do it. I left Gma in the room w/ them hoping they would settle down w/ her in there. UGH! Having this happen in my own home would be one thing, but is this the time to transition them to toddler beds? UGH!!!! And where would I do this? None of the rooms are really baby proofed to that degree.... ideas? HELP!


  1. No help for your problem here, but I got a good laugh out of your dad saying shit. I can just imagine him saying that! I know...much funnier when it's not happening to you!

  2. karen p12:48 AM

    First of all I can't believe the picture of Jason..He looks SO tall and totally like a little boy! OMG! Have you looked at the "crib nets"? or crib tents? They're those mesh things that go over the cribs...and maybe they have them for a pack-n-play...they zip open on the top like a tent...totally see through but the kids can't get out...our pediatrician recommended them to us "just in case" fiona get's to that stage =( (can i cry now?)

  3. I was just going to 2nd the crib tent idea. That's what the boys have at my mom's house. they cried a little when we put them down, but they calmed down easily, and I knew they were safe. At MIL house we had to basically empty the room, and it still wasn't enough. Has the situation improved?