Sunday, September 24, 2006

Nothing new really...

Tom's out of town again and my mom is here helping. I was able to get through the first night on my own unassisted. Mom helped get Lily to sleep by wearing her in a sling before bed, and they got up more than usual, but all in all it went pretty well. I'll have to figure out how to do this all by myself by the end of October b/c Tom is off to Asia from Oct 29th - Nov. 11th.. this will be my first 24/7 time w/ the babies. Dad will be here for the weekend, but the rest of the time I'm on my own.. wish me luck. We'll be pushing hard on the napping thing when we get back from PA!

Lily has grown out of her newborn diapers and I'm working on selling them online (see advantages to cloth diapers.. you get some money back!!!) I've already purchased some new medium diapers for Jason on and am anxiously awaiting their arrival.. I now see how people can get addicted to buying new diapers... there are so many types out there! I was tempted, but am still sticking to my "keep it simple" plan. I really like using the cloth!!! I dont' mind washing them at all... we'll see if that changes when they start eating solids and their poops get nasty! We use disposables at night b/c 1. I'm too damn lazy to get up in the middle of the night to change them and 2. I'm too damn lazy to experiment w/ cloth to find some that work overnight. :) HA! YES.. I'm if that comes as a surprise to any of you!!!

Mom and I are excited and nervous about the trip to PA. I'm excited to be there.. it's the getting there that I'm not so excited about. Driving that far w/ two 3 month olds has the potential to REALLY suck! Hopefully they will get some much needed sleep on the trip!

Still running my 2 to 3 times a week and loving it! :) Only a few more lbs to be at my pre-preg weight! YEAH!


  1. When they start to have solid poops you can buy a flushable liner that you just lay on top of the cloth insert and pull it off and flush the poop when you change them. I think Kushies makes them?

  2. Jennie10:30 AM

    How long is the trip to PA? Just turn up the music really loud and you won't hear them screaming! hee hee

    That's great you're still running. I ran yesterday for the first time. My run was donwhill for the first part and I got to the bottom of the hill and I was panting like I had just ran UP the hill! Geez. I can't wait until I can run and not feel like my lungs are going to explode!!

  3. Good news on keeping up with your running schedule! That is so impressive!