Monday, February 27, 2006

2/27/06 - 21 weeks 4 days

We have movement!

I felt some little tap taps from the outside for the first time on Saturday Feb. 18th. We were up late talking and I had my hand resting on my tummy when (the girl I believe) I got a few quick kicks. It's been sporadic since then, but seems to be getting more frequent... especially when I lay down and relax for a while. Still no good wallups, but I'm sure they are coming! :)

The trip to SC was good. I was nervous about flying - I know it's fine, but I still worry and I think a lot more about my morality then I ever have before. A lot of people looked at my belly, but no one jumped up to help me on my flight out. I lugged my own bag around and even lifted it into the overhead myself... nice gentlemen on my flight! ha ha I've decided that I am for sure checking my bag when I go to Seattle! :) I had a layover in Detroit and all I have to say is thank goodness for the moving sidewalks! I can't walk too far before my stomach starts to contract and I'm supposed to take it easy so I would just jump on the moving sidewalk and stand for a while - yes I felt like a loser, but oh well!

My friend's response when she picked me up was - YOU'RE HUGE! Ha ha Thanks!

We spent our weekend relaxing and eating.. both work for me. After I felt the babies move all I wanted to do was sit around with my hand on my tummy! :) The girls surprised me and had a shower for me.. so sweet! It was fun to get some pink and blue stuff and got me closer to the reality that I really am pregnant and this is going to result in TWO babies! :)

On my trip back one woman took an interest in my well being and offered to let me go ahead of her and then helped me get my bag down when we were deplaning! I won't lie - it was nice! :)

Two days after I returned from SC Jennie came out from Seattle to visit. It was so nice to have a little piece of Seattle here with me and to have someone to hang around with! :) We spent a couple of days here in Madison really just checking out local coffee shops then we headed to Chicago on Saturday and stayed over night. We were hoping Julie and Todd would be able to come up, but they are still nursing themselves back to health so it was just Jennie and I. :) I can't walk very far and Jennie is less than excited to walk around in the cold so we were quite a pair touring the big city. .. along w/ the fact that we had some clueless moments that made us feel like country bumpkins! We ate some good food and toured around Michigan Avenue.. Jennie scored a great hotel right on the Ave.

I was sad when she left.. my little piece of Seattle.. my friend! That's when it hit me that ... Oh wow.. I live in Wisconsin!!! Why it took so many months to figure that out I'm not sure. This is permanent! We could be here a while.. AHHH!!!! I'm okay.. and we'll be fine, but damn did that hit me like a ton of bricks! ha ha I'm blaming it on the pregnancy hormones! :)

It also dawned on me that these babies will be here in just over 4 months.. AHH.. how did that happen? I was looking forward to getting home from Seattle and relaxing.. as my girth increases my movement becomes more limited!! Then I realized I would just be waiting for babies.. then I realized.. oh CRAP.. I'll only have a little over 3 months to wait by that time! I've done NOTHING to prepare! ha ha

Here is my 21 week picture! :) Jennie swears I grew even in the short time she was here.. those babies are packing it on in there!

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